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A town along the route

Skaneateles Lake - A Finger Lake

Welcome to Seneca Falls

Windmill along the highway in Seneca Falls

A New York church

Another New York church


4th New York church


Off we go at 11:00 a.m. North on I-81 to just south of Syracuse then west on SR 20 instead of I-90, a toll road. Well, talk about hills! I thought the hills in the Poconos were bad but these were a LOT longer and a LOT higher. That temp gauge did get up there today! I did not like this part of the trip at all! The one hill was a very long hill and no matter what I did, that truck just kept going slower and slower until we were creeping along at 20 mph. That was really scary to me. I was afraid it would quit going forward and start to go backwards down the hill. But it did make it to the top of the hill and I finally started breathing again. I do think I was holding my breath the whole way up. There were several more hills along the route but none as bad as that first one. I think, though, that it's time to get a pyrometer and a new temp gauge.

There were also some really neat, quaint towns along the route with beautiful old homes. Skaneatelas, Auburn, Seneca Falls, Geneva and Canandaigua are all towns at the north end of the various Finger Lakes of New York. Tourist towns indeed but very nice tourist towns with sidewalks sales along with the requisite antique shops, art stores, and book stores. It’s times like these that I wish we had a small camping unit that we could just pull into a parking lot so we could get out and explore the towns. Perhaps on our trip to New York next year, we will find a campground halfway between all the lakes and spend some time in these towns.

As we got closer to our goal, the Genesee Country Campground, we started seeing things we remembered from when we were in the area last year.... the roadside stand where we stopped for tomatoes, right down the street from a horse farm; Avon, the home of the Avon Corn Festival and Tom Wahl’s Restaurant where Billy, Bob, the girls and I ate one evening last year and where road construction seems to be an “forever undertaking” and finally, on the final road to the campground, Foxey’s Exotic Dancers where I’m supposed to drop Bob off one evening.

We pulled into a very full campground around 2:30. Luckily, I had made reservations well in advance (the same site (#23) that we had last year) because there was a motor home rally going on here this weekend and they occupied every available site.


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