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A parade that went past while we were in the pub

Sorry, not sure what it was for...

Lake Ontario harbour front

The beach and a pilsbury dough boy having a snooze...

Heir Slick and the CN Tower

One happy boy!

We woke up fairly late this morning and after we'd booked our flights home we went to try to find somewhere that was showing the football.

Most places weren't serving breakfast.... oh I'm sorry, did I gloss over the fact that we're COMING HOME! Yep it's all over, done, finito, ceased... it is an ex-trip!

We are booked on a 10:45pm flight tomorrow night back to Heathrow. We have decided to come home early for a couple of reasons, the first being money... we've run out (which is a pretty good reason on it's own) and secondly, we'd love to spend some time completely redecorating our flat, something that we'd never find time to do once we're back at work.

We'd been watching the flights for a few days now, waiting for the prices to come down. We were thinking of staying for a few more days but it worked out cheaper to split tomorrow.... eeeeek!

Anyway, as I was saying... most places had stopped serving breakfast, so we ended up back in the Elephant and Castle for lunch and a prime seat for the football... the less said about that part the better (damn you Tottenham!)

We decided we wanted to try to get some sun today. Mummy and Daddy Cheese had recommended that we take stroll down to the lake side, where there were beaches, restaurants, entertainment and the like.

It was quite a long stroll down to the lake and we were sooo hot by the time we got there that laying in the sun on the grass wasn't very enjoyable. You aren't allowed to swim in the lake, so we resorted to getting under the shower to cool down.

We braved it for a while and then walked back via a Starbucks to borrow their air-conditioning.

It's got really humid here, I don't think people are any more used to the heat than we are, all the weather forecast talks about is that there will be a storm soon to clear the air.

We got back to the room and realised that they were showing the complete Rocky series. So we settled down to our last night in Canada and watched Rocky II, III, IV back to back and some of V.... get in!

Steve's night was complete when I agreed to get a pizza delivered to our room, pizza and Rocky... mmmmmm!


PS – I must break you...

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