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Pštrossova St - on the way to The Globe Cafe

Buzzer for my yoga studio, pronounced "yoga yoga"

"Big Studio"

If a yoga studio doesn't have any Buddha imagery, is it still...

Erotic City - more locations than Starbucks

Dinner time!

Drinky time! Black currant juice, orange/grapefruit juice and a Czech vodka called...

Figuring out what I'm gonna do when I get back to Vancouver...

side face


They don't bury 'em like this in Canada...

View of Vyšehrad from the cemetery

Labyrinth, design dating back to 1197

View of the city from Vyšehrad's western fortifications

View into Jewish cemetary at giant-baby-tower

LUNCH! Me so hungy I ate one full dumpling and a bunch...

Czech restaurant (most other patrons were outside in the heat, smoking)

Post-lunch nap in the park

Self-portraiting while stoned

A few days worth of photos from daily life.

Friday I went to yoga class after popping in to the Globe to send off a couple of urgent emails. Yoga class sustains me week to week and one class works out to be approximately equivalent to $10 Canadian. Not bad for peace of mind.

Post-yoga I decided to walk home, something I hadn't tried yet. Photographed some graffiti and spontaneously popped in to Erotic City to check out a second location - bought the item I was trying to find at the location in the more touristy district. While prices at this retailer are outlandishly overpriced (more so than Fantasy Factory!) I was jonesing for a particular item and managed to find one at a reasonable price.

Had myself a relaxing evening at home and (among other activities) took some time to set some manifestations and plans in place for getting back home. Having had all this time to turn things over in my head a few times, I'm getting to feeling pretty focused on what I need to do.

Saturday I created a little trip for myself to Vyšehrad, a castle near my house with a pretty well known cemetery and Basilica. Cover charge to get into the Basilica but wander among the dead for free - don't mind if I do, thankyouverymuch! Gave me a nice chance to ponder on how glad I am that I'm out and about doing something - something great, something true to myself - with my life. Feels good! Walked the labyrinth, around the dude sleeping in the middle. I'd read in "Dharma Punx" that this is a habit of Buddhist monks for walking meditation - seeing as it was there, available and free, I took advantage of the opportunity.

Sunday was a BEACH DAY! First one in months!!! I found out about a man-made beach on the river's edge at Smichov and spent a couple hours in the afternoon tanning topless (I LOVE YOU EUROPE!!!) as tourists coasted by on sightseeing tours on the river. Ahhhh... a chance to breathe!

Today was a busy one (in comparison) - a journey to the tower to see the giant babies climbing up it, lunch at a restaurant nearby (I had svíčkovou, which I'm in mad love with while here in Prague). Six bucks covered meal and half a litre of beer! Woot!

Then nap in the park and a wandering down to the central train station to find the park with the army museum - unfortunately closed, but fortunately...

"Museum's closed? Well, shit, then what am I doing here?" - not frustrated, just curious. "Oh well, I'll just wander up to that point on the hill in the park. Dave said the park is nice anyways, so at the very least I can get a photo." I wander up and spot two fellas on a bench, guarding a little project taking place on the seat. I know that pose!!! That's joint-rolling posture!
"Hello! I don't suppose you guys might have some grass - weed - you could sell me?"
"Oh we're just rolling a joint - sit down, sit down!"
Smoked a fattie, first one since Berlin. Ahhhh... Knew there was a reason I made it up there.

Had a good time being baked, eventually excused myself from the two fellas (Italian - they invited me to their town, we exchanged contact info) and headed back towards my end of town to coast it out in the sunshine. The days are hot and the occasional nighttime thundershowers are highly appreciated.

Tomorrow: Terezín. More info to come...

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