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So today was day 3 up here in Leh and I think we're both starting to get acclimatized. On the first day we couldn't even do 10 stairs without being winded and today we did over 500 to climb up to this Buddhist peace pagoda thing above town called the Shanti Stupa. This has definitely been the coolest thing we've done here/the only cool thing we've really done here. We hiked up the 500 stairs, obviously with a bunch of photo ops in the middle (ie time to catch our breath), and once we got to the top we just sat there enjoying the view for over an hour. We'll put up pictures later when we have a better connection. I think one of the best parts was the lack of railings anywhere, thus providing a totally clear view. Sometimes on the way up and down I started to feel a little woozy from looking out at how high we were, so maybe they would be a good thing on the stairs but luckily neither of us fell off the side or anything.

Earlier in the day before our climb we decided to try a yoga and meditation class. Both of us were feeling pretty stiff from our beds in the guesthouse (if there will be one thing I miss in these 8 months it will be my fabulous queen bed at home) and the first half of the session helped to stretch us out. The second half however was more focused on meditation and breathing and overall was less enjoyable. Once we got over the hilarity of the breathing and singing exercises, we realized they were really tiring. Plus we both clearly fidget way too much to be real yogis. This class was supposed to be a two day thing, but we decided one was enough for us.

It's 9pm here now, which is our bedtime, so I better go!

- Jane

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