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A quick snap of the CN Tower as we drove past

Niagara Falls, American Falls to the left and Horseshoe in the middle

Specky Cheese!

Bridge across to the USA

Slightly worrying..

The American Falls

They even had a Lemmings game going on on their side...

Heading into the mist

The swirl!

Ok I take it back, it was quite spectacular!

I have forgiven our camera it's sins after it caught this rainbow

NF gets the thumbs up from the Cheezes!

We had breakfast at Cora's today, they do the best fruit salads ever and plenty of other stuff too.

After breakfast we changed rooms to the 5th floor, the connection was better but still not that good. The photos wont load on the journal, so I'll have to go down to reception for that.

We decided today was a good day to go to the falls. We'd seen a few places that did organised trips but they seemed a bit expensive, so we thought we'd try to beat the cheapest one ($79 each) under our own steam.

We got to to the bus station for the 11:30 bus and bought our tickets ($76 for 2; return), the journey was about 2 hours to Niagara and then we had to change to get a shuttle bus ($12 for 2; return), which only took about 10 minutes.

The bus pulled up right across the road from the falls and there were thousands of people there, which sort of ruined our first impressions really. It would have been nicer to just turn a corner and have the falls right in front of you but we stood at the crossing looking at them across the road... it wasn't quite the same. Steve reckoned we'd got the wrong bus and were actually at Nigerian Falls...

We got a few snaps and then went off for (what was supposed to be) a quick bite to eat. Someone had told us that the town of Niagara was a bit touristy and tacky, they weren't wrong. We eventually settled on the Hard Rock Cafe and had a very slow and overpriced crappy meal... not really selling this very well am I...?

Anyway AN HOUR later we were back at the falls and buying our tickets for The Maid of the Mist ($29 for 2). The queue was quite long but it didn't take too long to get our plastic macs and up onto the boat.

We sailed quite close to the American Falls and got a bit sprayed but it was nothing compared to the soaking we got when the boat ventured to the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls! The water was swirling so fiercely I couldn't believe the boat stayed afloat and the spray soaked you in seconds... it was quite a rush. We got a few snaps before the camera got drenched (the only time I was pleased we didn't have a new camera...) and then the boat turned for shore.

We needed to get the 17:45 bus back, so after a relax in the shade with an ice cream and a frozen yoghurt, we jumped on the shuttle back to the bus station.

The bus journey went nice and quickly back to Toronto and it was helped along by a Chinese lady singing 'Hallelujah' at the top of her voice with her iPod on.... ('Harerurah, harerurah...' !)

We were quite tired by the time we got back so we had a night in and watched The Thomas Crowne Affair (for the first time believe it or not).

I'm pleased we made the effort to see the falls (and we saved money doing it our way!) but I wont be rushing back, I was much more impressed by the ones in Yosemite... my favourite place ever!


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