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All packed and ready to go again

Who threw that egg at me...??

Specky bookworm!

Half way refreshment stop

Resuming the position for another 3 hours....

Our new room

Our new view

We checked out after breakfast this morning and dragged our cases down to the bus stop in town.

The bus we needed to get to the Greyhound station turned up in a couple of minutes and we were ready with our tickets 45 minutes before the 1pm bus.

You may be wondering what happened to all the big talk about tattoos yesterday. Well we both talked each other out of it this morning. I had already decided over breakfast I didn't want mine done, then changed my mind a few times before we decided it was probably too expensive compared to the UK and plus we have an outdoor swimming pool at our next hotel in Toronto and new tattoo would mean no getty wet.

So Steve was saved a rather painful episode in the chair and then another painful 6 hours on the bus.

Back at the station as we were waiting for the bus to turn up, we dumped our bags by the barrier and had a quick browse of the magazines in the news stand. We looked up to see that people had decided that we were the front of the queue and had started squeezing into the 5ft gap between our bags and the barrier... not really wanting to be a part of this new queuing system, we moved our bags back to let them in, only to be met by a old lady panicking because she'd started queuing up the other side of us and now thought she was at the back... man... people! What with that and a boy standing next to us rocking from foot to foot with no idea of personal space, we were glad to get on the bus!

The bus journey was pretty uneventful. I managed to catch up on a couple of days journal and finish my book and Steve (the specky bookworm) started and nearly finished yet another book.

We only stopped once for a break, so were pleased to get off by the time we reached Toronto. Luckily our hotel was walking distance from the bus station so we could stretch our legs.

The hotel is actually a bit posh for a change, well the foyer and corridors are, our room is pretty much what we've been used to, except on the 23rd floor!

We dumped our bags and Steve battled with the internet for a bit before giving up and going out for some grub.

I'd read about a vegetarian restaurant called La Commensal, luckily Steve didn't mind having a bit of veg tonight, so we decided to give it a try.

It was actually a buffet and had an amazing amount of Louise friendly veggie stuff. There was a hot and cold counter, so we both started off with salads. It was a bit pricey... probably because Steve had piled his plate high with all the heavy stuff like potatoes, pasta and feta – he's' the only person I know that can successfully make a salad unhealthy!

Anyway... I had room for a helping of hot stuff too, which was also yummy.

We walked back a different way and found where all the bars, restaurants and shops were. It was really busy for a Thursday night, we're really looking forward to exploring over the next few days.

Back at the room we still had no luck with the internet, it seems we are too high up, so we have arranged to move to a lower floor from tomorrow.


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