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Finally a lie in! The cool breeze throughout the night ensured a full nights sleep, only interrupted by itching mosi bites, arising at 9am. Michael collected the fresh bread which we had with butter and local jam. We took a wander down to the beach near the campsite, the blueness of the Adriatic was just glorious. It was a steep coastal path but we inched down slowly. It was just rocks when we got there so both wearing flimsy flip flops and having forgotten sun cream, we didn’t stick around long. It was only 10am and was hotting up already. The climb back up was tough but with Michael literally pushing me up we made it – after a lot of stops to catch my breath. Stupidly, we hadn’t taken any water either!! Got back to the campsite and had the most blissful cold shower ever. Then we were on our way again driving down possibly the prettiest motorway we’ve seen with flowers planted all the way down the middle, the Adriatic on one side and rolling hills with grape vines and olive trees on the other. Arrived at Pescara after only a few hours. Not quite what we’d hoped for – a bit like Skegness but with sun. We tried to find an internet café again or pick up a network to no avail. Picked up a campsite in Frankavilla La Mare from the sat nav only 10 mins away. On arrival they spoke no English but we managed to get parked up for the night, although in a tight spot. So many campers – most of them have set up home with awnings galore, tv’s and pretty table cloths. All Italian so our pale complexions stick out like a sore thumb. There are regular sound effects about every 15 mins from the train line that is two rows down. Sanitary facilities leave somewhat to be desired so I think we’ll be moving on tomorrow! However, redeeming feature was that we took a walk out to try to find a supermarket, which we didn’t find, but stumbled upon the softest sandy beach with warm sea – no kidding, it was the temperature of a bath!! So, we had a paddle and watched the sun go down. I’m sure all that salty water helped the old mosi bites too!! I think we’ll head to Bari tomorrow to see if we can set sail a day early. We had intended to stay in Pescara for 2 nights but I don’t think it’s for us. Croatia, here we come. Bit scared by the amount of nudist camp sites and beaches though!!!

Randomly, was cooking dinner earlier when a van pulled up next to us – I was thinking ‘What’s going on? There’s no more room!’ So, I continued nosing through the mosquito screen and they proceeded to unload planks and metal frames, then weighing scales…..then crates of fruit and veg!!! People poured out of their tents, motor homes and caravans – it was like market day!! How funny, obviously a daily occurrence!!

Route:Pesaro, Ancona, Pescara

Weather: Unbearably hot!

Time from cold shower to sweat on: Half a second!!

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