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We were set to leave Germany this morining, leaving from Passau from a beautiful campground right on the River Ilch. We had already spent two nights in Passau, a beautiful old city, where the Danube, Inch and Ilch rivers converge to form one mighty Donau flowing into Austria. About half a kilometre out of Passau this morning, we heard a gunshot, which turned out to be Lynda's rear tire blowing out. It was very dramatic! Our rear tires have worn much more than our front tires, and have become rather thin after 4,000 k. Soooo, no shops, including bike shops are open on Sunday, so we are spending another night in Germany. We will purchase new tires tomorrow, and hopefully make our way to Austria tomorrow.

The Donau cycleway has been great; the first couple of days were much hillier than we anticipated, but the route has been mostly flat, following then veering away from the Donau only to return again to the river, going through thick forest and fields. The food has been more varied than expected, and the beer fantastic (as expected). We are now great fans of cloudy, dark wheat beer. We are able to conduct our basic transactions in German for food and accomodation, and we have camped almost every night. German campgrounds are less organized than French, tents get crammed in together, but most have restaurants serving great food. Lots and lots of cycle tourists here. The weather has been cool and sometimes rainy.

Today is very hot, and we are in an internet gambling saloon, doing internet stuff.

Highlights of Germany: Ulm, Regensberg and Passau, all small cities with fascinating ancient old quarters, and fantastic architecture. Yesterday we visited the cathedral of St Stephen in Passau, a way over the top Baroque concoction that on the inside looks like some Italian baker has gone mad with an icing machine. Othe highlights include real Bratwurst, fantastic bread, fresh fish, giant dumplings and enough pork to last a lifetime.

We've been told the next part of the route, from Passau to Vienna is the most beautiful part of the Danube River and are looking forward to it!!

Cheers, or as the sign said as we left Rottenknacker (yes that's a real place) Auf Weidersehen and Gutt Fahrt!!!

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