Our RV trip around Atlantic Canada 2009 travel blog

Here we find in town there is a WalMart. Here we find a “crossbows & catapaults” game. It is marked up as $55 but there are reduced stickers around that hint that it might be $19. On checking the price at the till we find it is $5 and the girl on the counter asks, "do we still want it?" go figure.

Everytime we have bought something from WalMart there has been a price difference somewhere. What with prices not showing taxes, prices out of date, you might as well just make it up.

We then popped over to Pizza Delight for tea. Here one of the offering is a Don Air. We have seen these available as kebabs so give one a try. Not quite a Donar, the sauce is not the usual hot chilli sauce but a sweet sauce of some description. So far Chinese, Donar and bacon is not up to scratch we will try their curry at some point.

We spend the night in the car park at WalMart playing “crossbows & catapaults” across the table.

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