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Welcome to New York

Our Campsite at Country Hills Campground

The pond at Country Hills Campground (full of bass!)

Our flag and grey and white clouds

NY Clouds

Pink NY Sunset clouds

Around every corner is a new adventure


Today was supposed to be our day to hit the road for Marathon, NY, but as Bob was checking the tires this morning (AFTER I had packed everything away in their travel places and had the one slide in), he came in to say the right rear inside dually was flat. Oh rats. Well, thank goodness for Good Sam Emergency Road Service, a Christmas present from my daughter and her husband. One call and 3 ½ hours later, the flat is fixed (the bracket for the extended valve stem had come off somewhere and the rubber stem was rubbed down to the steel ribbing). Easy find; easy fix. We’ve decided it’s too late to be traveling today so, after notifying this campground and the one in Marathon, we’re staying another night.


On the road by 11:10 a.m. North on the PA Turnpike to I-81 and then north on that to Exit 9 in Marathon, New York.

Welcome to New York: 1:45

Good roads most of the way so in that respect, I was a happy driver. However, there were quite a few long (10 miles or so) uphill climbs in PA and I did get a bit nervous as that temperature gauge kept moving upward. I do think I want to get an exhaust gauge to more accurately indicate just what the temps are on these hills. So in that respect, I was a nervous driver. However, arrived at the Country Hills Campground around 2:40 with no problems.

This is a really nice campground out in the country with the campsites at different levels on the hills surrounding a large fishing pond. We had Lot 21, one level up from the pond. There are a lot of seasonal campers here and I think I could do the seasonal thing here in the summer if I was going to be a seasonal type person.


Took a drive today to Walmart in Cortland and to get diesel. Passed the NY Jets training camp but no one was there at the time. This is really beautiful country here. You get to the top of some of the hills and you can just see miles and miles down valleys, through small towns, and over to the next hill.

A couple of stray thunderstorms wandered through this evening and poor Taco didn’t know what to do. At the very first hint of thunder, he just finds a place to sit and alertly stare out the window…waiting for what, I don’t know. Actually, as soon as he hears rain on the roof, he finds his “sitting place”…whether it’s a thunderstorm or not. I guess he figures if it makes that rat-a-tat sound on the roof, the big booms will be coming. However, the storms this evening came and went followed by another one 30 minutes later or so. Because of the lay of the land, we do seem to have a moat around our trailer but we haven’t seen any alligators in it yet so we’re okay.


Didn’t do much of anything today. Took the dogs for their morning exploration trip around the pond which gives me about 20 minutes of walking time. This is good. There are some huge bass in that pond!! I should grab my fishing rod and go catch dinner.

Bob’s not been feeling very well for the last week or so. There’s something wrong with his ears because he says they feel stuffed up and he has very little hearing out of either one, even when he’s wearing his hearing aids. Of course, with an inner ear problem, you also feel dizzy and the dizziness leads to nausea so he’s not a happy camper. When we get to Billy’s, we’re headed to a doctor.

While I sit here at the computer and look out my window at the clouds coming over the hill, I make the decision that New York has the neatest clouds we’ve seen in our travels. The puffy ones are so very puffy and very solid looking. And what’s so interesting here is that I see a huge solid very white puffy cloud yet right next to it, the sky is dark and threatening. Very interesting view, I have here. It seems the very blue sky, the very white puffy clouds and the dark and threatening clouds all travel together and it’s like a race between them to see which one is going to come over the campground.

Out my window I also see a yellow finch hunting through the short, mowed grass looking for whatever it is that finches eat. I don’t think he’s going to find any niger seed in there, though. Further up the hill, there’s a nuthatch running up and down one of the trees, listening for bugs while on another tree, there’s a woodpecker (Downey, I think) doing the same search. Yes, we like it here…lots of trees, lots of green grass (though a bit squishy underfoot from all the rain), lots of open space, and lots of great white puffy clouds. Except for Bob’s nausea, we are content.

Total Miles Driven Today: 173 Total Time Driven: 3 1/2 hours

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