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Train to Napoli then a quick, and I do mean quick, run to catch the next train to Paestum. Here we had our first taste of local travel in a second class, non air-conditioned (windows down), fairly dirty, with no details provided train ride. As usual however we had a lovely older gentleman sitting next to me and he pointed out all the details along our way ie: Isle of Capri, Vesuvius Mtn, direction toward the lost city of Pompeii (encapsulated by the lava of Vesuvius way back in the day).

We had a cab waiting for us upon arrival and for 3.4km ride to the hotel he charged us 10.00 Euro’s, highway robbery, with no meter to track it is the only cab in town, whatever. Left our stuff and went to find some food – oops it’s siesta time all restaurants are closed. A kind woman at the Supermarketa was able to make us a bun with fresh buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto so we didn’t starve.

Found a hangout for the rest of our stay “Biaccia” where they sold lottery tickets and 66ci local Perroni beer for 2.00 Euro. I suppose it all equals itself out at the end of the day. I bought 2 swimsuits for$ 5 E each pair also a good deal.

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