Rachel's post 30 escape 2009 travel blog

Mount Rushmore was first today - really beautiful weather finally so it was perfect picture taking! The monument was pretty impressive, though like most similar places, a bit smaller than anticipated! They had a good trail round the bottom of the mountain though so managed to walk off a few of the calories although because it was so warm, I think they were then replaced by a ridiculously large portion of ice cream to cool off!

We then headed to the Crazy Horse monunment (work in progress) which I have to say I found much more impressive. It was all started by one man and is now being continued by most of his children and it really was awe-inspiring! I hope that I can go back when it's finished (they estimate another 40 years to complete) It's worth looking it up onthe internet if you dont know about it because it's seriously cool!!

Following seemingly ever biker in the USA, we then drove to Deadwood. As there was little to do other than drink/gamble here, a bunch of us took the opportunity to get our photos taken at one of those places where you dress up in "ye olde cowboy" costumes! About 12 of the girls got dressed up as essentially cowboy hookers and spent a fun couple of hours posing with bottles of whiskey and shotguns! After we'd finished our close ups we ate dinner at Kevin Costner's hotel which is very similar to Planet Hollywood only every picture/item of movie memrobilia was Kevin's! Rather self indulgent to say the least...

The day finished with a rather crazy evening in Keystone's only bar which was hosting a frozen t-shirt competition. Surprisingly I decided not to enter but there were quite a few game to win the hefty $35 prize money...Certainly a memorable evening!

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