Rachel's post 30 escape 2009 travel blog

We're now starting to head into the National Park section of the tour which I was most looking forward to. Today we first stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota, which has the worlds only palace made of Corn! Bizarre place!! Lunch was in a town called Wall, famed for Wall Drug which is bascially a glorified cafe/shop that has the USP of free water and cheap coffee...another bizarre place! It was a surprise then when we reached the Badlands National Park - after days of endless straight roads/flat scenery, coming across this place was a bit of a shock! Although the weather was a bit iffy it was a beautiful place, if very remote. We rode through on the bus with a soundtrack of Ride of the Valkyries which was strangely approrpriate. En route we also saw deers, Prairie Dogs (CUTE!!!) and had various stops for photos (which I will try and upload when I can!)

To ease the boredom we've been watching a few films en route and today's was Dances with Wolves as much of it was filmed in and around where we were travelling.

After a long day we pulled into Keystone town ( a bustling metropolis with 2 streets!) where we were met by about 200 bikers! There is a annual rally at Sturgis (nearby) so we seem to have been followed by Harleys/Hells Angels for the last couple of days. With our coach and the bikers we must have quadrupled the town's population!

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