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The little semi-cobblestoned streets of Zagreb

Gorgeous gardens are everywhere in Zagreb

Hot chocolate so thick my spoon wouldn't sink

Lower Zagreb

Our street, with the Cathedral in the background

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Inside the Cathedral

Trg Josip Jelacica- the main square

Picture of me in the square??????



Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and was a slow and noisy night bus 6 hours north of Split, where I had caught the ferry back to after staying on Hvar. The bus was so loud that around 3am the guy in the seat next to me lost the plot, grabbing the seat in front of him and shaking it furiously, whilst demanding its occupant stop talking so loudly. Very very funny (for me anyway).

I stayed in a pretty good hostel but on that first day I wasn't allowed to check in til after midday so went on a bleary eyed sightseeing expedition for about 5 hours which was kick started with the thickest hot chocolate I have ever had (see pic). When I rested my spoon on top it was so thick the spoon didn't even sink.

I was staying up near the colourful Dolac vegetable market which was sight to behold, and also a place to be avoided if possible, due to the enormous numbers of bees hanging around there. Not far from Dolca are the twin neo-Gothic spires of the 1899 Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a beautiful medieval cathedral with 13th century frescoes, renaissance pews, marble alters and a baroque pulpit.

The main town centre is called Trg Josip Jelacica and the most important thing to do there is to avoid being hit by a tram, of which there are dozens constantly whizzing through the centre of the square. Funny thing happened in the square, I asked an elderly gentleman to take a photo of me and he turned the camera around the wrong way and took the photo, getting quite a shock when the flash went off in his eye and I couldn't stop laughing when I looked at the photo of this old man trying to take my picture.

Zagreb is a city of museums but being a little museum'd out at the moment I skipped those and instead meandered around the city and I also spent a considerable amount of time in the bevy of bars that Zagreb has on offer. I am fairly certain I spent one evening drinking with a French serial killer named Oliver...

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