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Gardens at Annapolis Valley

Each garden had a different design

Lots of pathways to different areas of garden


This garden was shaped like a four leaf clover

Colors of flowers were so bright

Different flowers we hadn't seen before

Brillant purple flowers

Water Lilies

View from the Caves

The Basin water was out for miles

Changing of the guards at Citadel

Jamaican dancers at the Citadel they were great to watch

Cosby & cup from distance


Cosby & Cup we got a little closer

Walls of Citadel

View from inside caves

Cliffs dropped down into water and far out into ocean

Brian inside one of the caves

Stairs going down to caves lets just say I didn't run up...

View along hike to caves

Views are beautiful no matter where you walked

On Thursday we went for a long drive along the Annapolis Valley & Fundy Shore. We left at around 9:00 am and got back at 8:00 pm it was a long day but a very nice drive. Both Brian and I said that the drive along the Annapolis Valley isn’t as picturesque as the South Shore. You drive mostly inland not along the ocean at all. As a matter of fact to get to the Fundy Shore you have to drive quite a bit further away from the towns along the Annapolis Valley. There are some beautiful orchards in this area and a lot of various farms along the way.

We went up Hwy 12 to start with which has some really nice small towns along the way and very quaint homes. We then headed up on Hwy 1 which we followed along the whole Annapolis Valley we aimed to head for Annapolis Royal which we heard was quite nice we arrived and it was just a really small town which had a few forts which we have seen lots of them but they did have a Historic Garden so we decided totake a walk in the gardens.

We have to say it was absolutely beautiful, like a mini Buchart Gardens like in Victoria. They have been expanding this garden for quite a while and have a huge garden club that helps out to maintain everything there. The gardens are on seventeen acres which overlooks a tidal river valley. The gardens are created from Mi’kmaq practices and the methods of the early Acadien gardener through to innovative gardening techniques of today.

From Annapolis Valley we drove along Hwy 1 to Kingsport and saw the Minas Basin which the tide was out so far you could barely see the water. It had quite a few tidal pools and we saw what looks like hundreds of sandpipers which are very small birds almost like swallows flying all around. They come to rest on the Basin when the tide is out before heading out to find food. It was really nice but we would of liked to see the Minas Basin when the tide was in but it would have been too late to wait for that.

We then decided it was time to head back to Hubbards so we traveled along Hwy 1 thinking we could connect to Hwy 14 which would bring us back. Well we could not find Hwy 14 so we pulled into a gas station and just as we did an RCMP pulled in so I asked how we could get to Hwy 14 and he said just follow me and I will take you right to the Hwy. I couldn’t believe it, I feel behind because I got caught at a couple of lights and he pulled over and waited for me he was just great.

Well we ended up getting back to the campsite and we just finished dinner and we are now relaxing watching a bit of TV before heading off to bed. Tomorrow we take the truck in to get fixed so we’ve had to rent a car for the day. We’ve decided to head into Halifax and tour the downtown area until the truck is ready. Will update later have a great weekend.

We took the truck in to be fixed on Friday and rented a car for the day. We drove downtown Halifax and parked the car and made the decision to take the “Fred” bus to all the places we wanted to go. It’s a free bus which takes you to most of the tourist areas and it runs fairly often. Well we came out of the parking parkade and there was a really nice restaurant that overlook the bay so we decided to have breakfast there it was really good and the view was nice as well.

We decided to just walk up to the Citadel because we were told it was only 4 blocks well it was sort of but it was all uphill reminded me of the hills in New Westminster. Anyways we didn’t even know what the Citadel was because I hadn’t looked it up because so many recommended it an low and behold it was a FORT!!! We decided okay were here now lets go in and I have to say we were glad we did. The history behind the Citadel was quite interesting and we went on a 45 minute walking tour and the young fellow who took us around was very knowledgeable.

But I have to say the highlight of Brian’s day was when Sidney Cosby came to the Citadel with the Stanley Cup. From what we understood nobody there knew he was coming it was a real surprise. He stayed for the Noon cannon and everyone sang him happy birthday then he left. It was nice seeing Brian’s face light up with the chance to see Cosby as well as the cup.

We left the Citadel and caught “FRED” and went to go downtown to see the Brewery well we got on this bus and it ended up there was a girl onboard who told you about everything around town as the bus went around downtown. She was so interesting we missed our stop and decided to stay on the bus and ride it until it came back to the Brewery. She was so entertaining and we talked to her quite a bit as there wasn’t too many people on the bus and found out she was from Antequa. She was a performer and did a lot of plays around Halifax. Anyways we eventually got to the Brewery and it was so expensive for the tour we decided to go upstairs and have lunch for the same price in the Pub upstairs. We had a view of the whole downtown area from there and the girl who served us recommended a number of places to see.

We continued to tour downtown but I have to say it’s a big city it was very busy and noisy so by the end of the day we had enough. We pulled out of the parking lot and had to pay $16 for four hours of parking reminded me of Vancouver. We returned the rental car and picked up the truck only to find out that the grill is on backorder and might be in on Monday. So we will need to take it back if it comes in on Monday otherwise it will have to wait until we return home. We aren’t too worried about it because it’s just a crack in it.

We spent yesterday at the beach all day it was absolutely beautiful. They had a poker run in the Bay so it was a lot of fun to see all the boats running around trying to collect everything they were suppose to. It’s funny how exhausted you can feel after a day at the beach so we came back late afternoon and had a snooze in our lawn chairs outside. I do have say this is the life. We had a few neighbours over for a campfire and enjoyed the conversations.

Today we went to The Ovens Natural Park. The Ovens is a spectacular trail which offers excellent views of beautiful Lunenburg Harbour and the offshore islands. As you walk along the trail you walk down to caves which are natural caves but was extended by mining activities during the 1861 gold rush at the Ovens. At the height of the gold rush, the Ovens supported a town of over a thousand miners, complete with hotels, stores and a bank. There is nothing left of these buildings but the park maintains a small gold rush museum and you can rent a gold pan and try your luck. The caves are huge and there are only two you can walk down to but they do have a boat which takes you into the caves but was not available when we were there.

We enjoyed today very much and are now sitting around the fire with some neighbors that live in Quebec and another couple from Ontario.

Today was foggy and rainy so we decided it was a good day to pack up everything we could and clean up the inside of the fifth. Brian saw some little things that needed to be repaired it’s funny how once you start moving these trailers things come loose and need tightening or something. I have to say I’m very proud of Brian for the job he’s doing at making sure to check everything and repair it right away not let it go at all.

Well we leave tomorrow and we’ve changed our plans a little we aren’t catching the ferry to Portland Maine but instead we decided we wanted to go back to St Martins NB for five days then cross the border. Instead of spending ten days in Saco Maine we will now stay seven.

Both Brian and I have to say we have enjoyed the Maritimes immensely and will come back here again. We have so many favorite places that it’s hard to name them all. The one thing we’ve come away with from visiting here are the people are fantastic they have such a sense of community here that you don’t always find. They care for each other and have learned to live a life that really is getting back to what is important family and friends and a pace of life that is one of enjoying life. We have to say there is still so much to see and do here and we spent a month just in Nova Scotia.

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