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It was a cool 59 degrees when we left Old Mystic this morning and in the mid 80’s with high humidity when we arrived in Clarksboro, New Jersey. Our location is about 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. We have enjoyed our cool summer and low humidity but it looks like we have ample time to be exposed to the high temperatures and humidity during the rest of August and September.

We seem to be getting too far south too early but our original destination was the Canadian Maritimes and after we reached the tip of Newfoundland it has been more or less a return to the south with little tourist activity. We had planned to stop over in northern New Jersey to take in a play in New York City but our plans did not work out. That was our last big plan, so we are now wandering home.

Our trip today carried us through New York City which we traversed on I-95 without incident. My intention had been to take the Cross Bronx Expressway but I missed the exit so we continued on I-95 before crossing the George Washington Bridge and entering New Jersey. There was a lot of traffic on our trip today but only in a couple of occasions did merging traffic cause us to slow below the posted speed limit. The only negative was the $25.00 toll on the New Jersey Turnpike covering the trip from New York to Philadelphia a distance of around 100 miles.

Perhaps we will find something we want to do in route, but if not it has still been a good trip.

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