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start of the day in Goodland, Kansas. Still blowing!

kansas wind still blowing--next 5 pix






now we start the colorado scenery pix






















Nan and Phil in Colorado. The wind died down once we went...

Eileen's Zachary

Eileen in motor home

Phil in motor home

whole group at pf chang's restaurant

Colorado took care of the wind. We were not far into the state when the wind died down and eventually stopped--yay! Met Nan and Phil and Eileen (Lane's niece, her husband, and Nan and Phil's daughter) plus Eileen's baby, Zachary. We are planning on going to Bailey, Co. tomorrow to meet up with Kevin and fam and group, (where they are working unassigned territory) and attend their meeting at 10 am, and a picnic after. Should be a fun day. See you tomorrow, the 3 happy wanderers.

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