2009 Vince & Sue's Excellent Adventure travel blog

Riding Through the Michigan North Woods

Unused Rail Cars

Story of the North Woods

North Woods Farmland

Gateway to Escanaba, MI

Settled in Rapid River

Today we traveled north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They call the people that live there UPers (pronounced youpers). The trip was through the typical Michigan North Woods with some farmland and a lot of trees. We saw a long line (mile or more) of rail cars on a siding, something we saw in Iowa and North Dakota too. I wonder if it has anything to do with the economy. RR's stashing unused cars on remote sidings around the country. We went through a few small towns. Escanba is probably the largest. It’s a resort town. We stayed overnight at a small campground in Rapid River right next to a railroad track. I only heard one train during the night.

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