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A jeepney (not my piccie BTW)

Off to the Immigration Bureau, which because of the public holidays has a backlog of people and it is rammed and chaotic, like those police station reception areas you see in American cop films. After filling in a form and handing it in, I sit down but soon move after finding myself getting it in both earholes from two Germans (fat, bald, with superhot wives) having a conversation/shouting contest over me. Luckily the whole process is over within an hour and I hop into another jeepney and find myself at the SM Mall.

Man, these guys love their malls, and this one is so big, I'm lost within five minutes. Forget Singapore, Cebu is the best place for shopping (an activity I normally loath) I've been to in quite a while and I drift in to an electronics store and find myself looking at some portable speakers. They're going for over a 1000 pesos, and then I see that's the price for the MP3 player; the speakers are going for just 150 pesos. That's a couple of euros. Quick test, they work fine and can get power from the mains or batteries; job's a goodun. Meander on through a multi-floored department store and marvel again at the labour intensive way they operate. Armed guards stand sentinel at the doors (as they do for the entrances to the mall and places like internet cafes), and after checking in your bag nightclub style, you're in. If you buy anything, you have to do it on that floor, at which point it's swaddled in a plastic bag and the receipt stapled on, which you then have to show to the guard when you leave. The whole place is flooded with staff, it's like half the country either work in a mall or drive a jeepney; even the laundry powder section has someone there in a Surf T-shirt, reading out the prices in case I've forgotten how to. But in all hinges on the plastic bag and receipt; attempts to be green and refuse the bag are met with utter incomprehension, and heaven knows how they would operate if they were ever banned. But I've bought enough now, I am sated, and all set for two month of beach, which is where this can of Kinnie belongs.

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