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Had planned on going to the Immigration Office today to extend my visa, but due to Cory Aquino's death, the office is shut, which means I either have to stay another day or get the dive shop to extend my visa when I get to Malapascua, which could be pricey. Still got loads of shopping to do, not least of which is for a guitar, which as luck would have it is a bit of specialty of Cebu, so I hop in a few jeepneys and then a cab and haul up to the most well known of them, Alegre. All the guitars here (and in the places around) are handmade over a month, and prices start at around 2,000 (28 euros) pesos. A guy shows me around and I watch as the craftsmen carve, glue, sand and varnish the wood into just some amazing guitars. I go into the showroom and the guy starts playing one of the guitars, following me around like a wandering minstrel as I look around the shop. I get taken into an area behind a sliding door of glass, and find myself in a kind of guitar humidor, as this is where the seriously nice guitars are kept. The guy takes one and starts to strum and finger pluck, and it's like listening to chocolate cake if that makes sense, so rich and dark is the sound. That one came in at 60,000 (870 euros) pesos, which bearing in mind the work and materials is a bargain I reckon. I plump for a fully acoustic, and after some good natured bargaining, get a lovely guitar with a hard case and some spare strings for 9,000 pesos (130 euros)

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