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West Bengal Fields

more of the same

our Hobbit town hotel room in Kolkata (with us in our Indian...

the bride

bride and groom signing the paperwork on a velvet "couch" (looks like...

Michelle with the mothers of our friends

Charlie with the fathers

the reception is going on outside while the wedding is going on...

the bride being carried around the groom

Kolkata's signature hand pulled rickshaws and 50s style yellow cabs

Michelle enjoying the "ladies" only seat on a local bus




the groom's vehicle

the groom just arrived

Nibedita's sister and her super nice daughter



here comes the bride

a statue of Rabindranah Tagore. I love to see this

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arrival of the groom, one of the major events

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Kolkata - the main attraction for us was that we were invited to a wedding. It was in the family of my friend from Boston (originally from Calcutta), Nibedita.

So I kept making fun of Nibedita in Boston when she was suffering in the summer heat there. Boy, was I right! Boston summer is like mountain breeze compared to the pre-summer Calcutta. No need for owens, things fry on their own.

I was looking forward to Calcutta for a number of reasons. It is a pretty cosmopolitan city, it is from where R. Tagore is from, meeting Nibedita's family and her in-laws (don't smile, her in-laws are super cool!) and of course the wedding.

The wedding is a curious affair. This one was, as still many of them are, an arranged one. That said, this couple had a chance of checkig each other out briefly before the event. Nevertheless the fact that traditionally the couple is pretty much strangers to each other reflects in the course of the event, too. There is none of those things that we are used to in a western wedding, the constant reminders of their affection to each other, the frequent appeal to see a kiss, etc. As a matter of fact, during much of the ceremony the couple is not even in the same room and if they are seated together, they are expected to do their own thing. Notable exception are the exchange of necklaces and when the bride is carried around the groom a bunch of times. All good fun. I guess they see each other more during the next days of celebrations at the groom and at the bride's house. So, not only is the couple is spending little time together during the ceremony, but also most of these ceremonial events are not attanded by the guests- they are elsewhere at the reception. It was very interesting, thanks a lot for the invitation!!!!

Also, it was very nice to meet Nibedita's family. Her sister's husband was a great help to us and we had a vary nice visit with her husband's parents the day after the wedding. They are real sweethearts.

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