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Saturday morning everyone came by to see about the car. After talking with everyone, Bob was finally able to check car out. He filled car up with antifreeze, let car run for 30 or more minutes or until the car started acting up again. Water would boil in water reservoir. When this happened, Bob shut the car down. I don't remember if I commented about this, but Bob jumped car off and we drove it onto the dolly Friday night.

After talking the car situation over, we decide to stop at Napa Parts in Ukiah,CA. We are going to replace the thermostat, the heat sensor and the radiator cap. This will take care of the cooling system in the car. Everything will be new. If this doesn't work, we will be in a bigger town if we have to take car to a garage and a better campground.

We stop for groceries at the local WalMart and then on to the Napa Auto Parts store. I have to park on the main street in Ukiah, the Napa store is on a dead-end street. Bob walks about a block. He gets parts and even brings us a hot dog back for lunch. They are having a sidewalk sale. Giving away hot dogs and all the trimmings.

We are on our way to Novato,CA. This is our next stop. If we get car problem solved, we want to visit the Napa Valley, Muir Woods and last, spend a day in San Francisco.

The drive down to Novato was not long just 120 miles, but it was very hot. We had traffic to deal with from Santa Rosa on into Novato.

When we arrived all we wanted to do was just set up and then chill for a while. We went to bed early so we could recoup our energy. Having a car to break down on you takes the stuffings out of you. Especially when you are 3000 miles from home.

We sleep in Sunday morning, have a late breakfast and chill out watching TV. We are still kinda rung out. I decide to do some laundry while Bob rests. He's the one who had done all the work and I know he is wore out.

About 2:00 Bob starts to work on the car. He gets the thermostat out. When he takes the new one out of box, you could see right away that it was not the right one. I call and get the telephone number, address for the Napa store here in Novato. It is too far to walk, car can't be moved and is in front of motorhome. And they don't deliver on Sunday.

We met Dianne when we came in Saturday. They are behind us in a 5th wheel. They are from Georgia and Tallahassee,FL. She works in the office here at the campground. The only thing that I could think of to do was ask her if she would take me to the Napa Auto store. She came to our rescue. We were able to get the right thermostat.

Bob does finish installing all the new parts Sunday. It was a job putting the thermostat in. It is getting late so we will wait until tomorrow to test drive the car.

Monday morning we hold our breath as we drive the car around town. Everything looks good. Car does not run hot.

We take it easy the rest of the day. It is great just to sit and do nothing. If car continues to run OK we will go to Napa Valley tomorrow for some wine tasting.


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