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Breakfast at Karen Blixen Camp

Purple Grenadier

Another rough road

New smooth pavement...silly picture but it was a big deal at the...

Corn and wheat crops for miles and miles

Narok, Kenya

Rural African "pickup"

Curio shop and lunch stop

Lesser Flamingos

Rhino taking a mud "bath"

White Rhino and Common Zebra

A typical safari day's facial grime

Grounds at Serova Lion Hill Lodge

Our cottage on the hill

Pre-dinner show of traditional dances

Louise & Marilyn join the dancing

We left Karen Blixen Camp feeling we could have easily enjoyed a couple more days …relaxing by the hippo pool awaiting other wildlife getting a drink.

We had about a 6-hour drive to Lake Nakuru National Park. We also killed about an hour changing money and filling the safari vehicle with diesel.

We spent the first 2 hours bouncing along on dirt roads that varied from bad to worse. Finally some nice new pavement….followed by really terrible conditions in the construction area….then finally smooth sailing for the last 1.5 hours. Unfortunately Kenya has already outgrown it’s nice new highway….a four-lane is needed.

We stopped along the way to eat our box lunches at a curio shop, where we were obviously taken for the easy marks that we were. Nevertheless, we bought some nice mementos, especially Roger’s carved cane.

Upon arrival at the national park, we spent 1.5 hours looking at game…most notably flocks making up the over one million Lesser Flamingos and several of the 40 White Rhino that inhabit the park. We were just 60 feet from one rhino that quietly nibbling the short grass of the park’s floodplain.

We stayed the night at the Serova Lion Hill Lodge right in Lake Nakuru NP. This was probably the classiest place so far of the trip. Traditional Kenyan dances were performed right before dinner. Louise and Marilyn joined in the last dance along with other audience members. A great buffet dinner followed the dance.

We were tired, but still greatly enjoyed the rhinos with the “pink” flamingo background.

Critter list:

White Rhinoceros (new)

Olive Baboon

Cape Buffalo

African Elephant

Grant’s and Thomson’s Gazelle


Spotted Hyena


Banded Mongoose



Common and Defassa Waterbuck

Blue Wildebeest

Common Zebra

Bird Highlight:

Purple Grenadier

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