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Hey Everyone,

Definately feelin´the blues about having to come home in the next couple of days. Amber went back to San Jose today, she had done a learn spanish home stay for a month before we started the trip so she´s got friends she wanted to say good bye to before she leaves on Sunday for Toronto. I know it won´t surprise any of you to say there were tears...and tomorrow I´ll go thru it all again when I say goodbye to everyone else. The rest of the group is going white water rafting tomorrow and at the bottom of the river they will head strainght to San Jose, I´ll be catching the Interbus from here to Liberia, staying the night there tomorrow and catching my flight Sunday at noon.

Today Amber, Bill, and I went to an Animal Rescue place...it was fun, got to handle the animals that can´t be released for one reason or another, typically they were once pets that the owner decided they didn´t want and thought could just release back into the wild. My favorite is the kikaju´s, that´s no where near how it´s spelt, have to get back to you on that one! This afternoon we hiked to LaFortuna waterfall and went swimming. That was amazing! It was so beautiful. Had to keep reminding myself that I am in Costa Rica and swimming in a waterfall. There were many times on this trip that I needed to pinch myself!

There is a thunder and lighting storm happenning at the moment, pouring rain but so warm. I´m enjoying it!

Lol! Last night Amber, Salim, and I picked up two dogs in our travels. They liked us to followed us everywhere. The dogs in LaFortuna look very well cared for. No fleas, most have collars, good body condition...anyways, earlier we were discussing Mork and Mindy so that´s what we named them and at the end of the night they didn´t want to leave so we invited them in to our room. Mork only stayed for a short time but Mindy made herself right at home. She slept on my bed with me, very much a snuggle bum. If I moved she would move so she was touching me at all times, so sweet! I think she´s a young chihuahua cross with something a little bigger, but what made her so irrisistable was her horrendous underbite! Her bottom teeth stuck out so far! But she´s well cared for, she even has one suture still in place from her spay incision. I keep seeing her today out front of one of the stores so I´m assuming that´s her home, I definately need to learn some spanish!

Well, we are having our last dinner together tonight so I´m off...not sure if I have internet tomorrow but I´ll be home late Sunday night early Monday, probably talk to most of you on Monday.

Love you!


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