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Today we arrived at the Contiki Chateau, it was quite a few hours out of Paris to Lyon.

The Chateau is beautiful and overlooks the vineyards. Sleeping accommodation is not so great, 4 to a room and 4 showers and two toilets for 40 odd people. Rush hour!!!!

Pretty tired after Paris I spent the arvo reading and sleeping.

My friend Sarah, got a little sick so I have spent most of the night keeping an eye on her.

I was on cooking duty today, I can say I actually miss cooking and being the home body, its seems a little weird being away from the house.

Our group is aged from early 20'S. - 35'S., mostly in 28-30 bracket due to the cost. There is still lots of parting going on, and drinking. Haven't wanted to/seen the need to drink or party yet. Exhausted from all the sight seeing, as we spend some 12 hour days before we get picked up. In saying that its nice to just chill, besides haven't heard that there has been any good music for a dance.

Boys have asked me to do their washing for them, I said at a cost, but no jocks!!!

Well off to bed now.

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