Our Great Adventure Year 3 travel blog

Clairese's niece Angela and her babies

Aunt Claire meets great-nephew Matthew

Two year old Joey enjoys dinner on the front lawn

Six year old Patrick with his bike...NO training wheels anymore !

Four year old Malia shows Aunt Claire what she made in Vacation...

Niagara Falls

Canadian side of the Falls

Another view

Maid of the Mist boat

How beautiful is this !

It was a beautiful day.

View from where we had lunch.

We are on our way for a third year of adventure. We left Morrisville Monday morning, arriving at the dealership in Lockport a few hours later. This is the place where we purchased our home on wheels last year and we wanted them to check it over for us before heading west.

After unhooking, we checked into our motel and then headed to North Collins where my niece Angela and her family lives. On February 28th, Angela had a baby boy, Matthew, whom I had not met yet. It had also been over a year since I had seen the other children. Oh yes, it was good to see Angela again also...hahaha. Unfortunately, Angela's husband, Joe, was working late so we didn't get to see him this visit but hopefully soon. They are hoping to relocate to central New York before the holidays. That will make my sister, Christine, VERY happy !

On Tuesday, the weather was beautiful so we crossed into Canada to see Niagara Falls together. We have both seen the falls in the past but wanted to see them together. During the afternoon, we visited a few wineries. FYI ...Their tasting fees were several $ higher than the wineries in the Finger Lakes region and they didn't apply them to any purchase.

We ended up at the same place we had had dinner the night before...The Meeting Place. Great food with a great price. A small local bar/restaurant with local people. Be sure to find it if you are in the area.

This morning we picked up the 5th wheel and headed west. I must brag about Ray's driving. We took Interstate 90 around Buffalo, through Pennsylvania and into Ohio. We didn't realize as we approached Cleveland that it was going to take a detour and go through as much of the city as it did...and so much traffic. Ray was calm and we made it through without any problems. He is "THE MAN" !!

Tonight we are in an Easy Off/Easy On campground in Milan, Ohio. We are so close to I 90, we can hear the traffic but hopefully we are tired enough we can still sleep tonight. Tomorrow we continue into Indiana.

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