Dave resting comfortably, he's such a ham . . .

showing off our new chairs.

Plans have changed, OH MY have they. On our 3rd day here, we got up early in the morning and took a walk before breakfast. While on that walk, we’d only gotten about 150 feet from our home when a dog came out from a trailer and attacked our little Bambi, who was on leash. In the struggle to rein in Bambi and save Bambi’s life from the much larger dog. Dave’s feet slipped on the slight graveled slope , sending him falling straight down in a sitting position. Dave say’s he heard all his vertebrae go klunk like a xylophone and then instant immense pain in his lower back. After writhing face down and scratching in the dirt for a few minutes he attempted to get up with Becky’s help. Barely able to stand and coming close to blacking out twice he made it back to the coach. Rebecca found out from management how to get to the local hospital/ER. Regular xray showed something irregular, so a CAT scan was ordered. The CAT showed the extent of the damage to be a lot to the inside of the vertebrae called L-1 (lumbar region 1) just above the hip. It is called a compression fracture. Luckily there is no apparent injury to the disks above or below L-1 other than alittle pressure and the injury is away from the spinalcord. The L-1 vertebrae itself is broken into about 5 to 7 pieces on the “anterior” side (closest to the belly) and is being held together by ligament, muscle and such. Dave was admitted to the hospital for observation overnight (Saturday night) and was released late Sunday afternoon when he proved a good patient for oral painkillers. He’s currently on Percoset, 10 mg/4 hours.

Dave has to sit or lay at steep angles or just flat on his back to keep pressures off his lower back. Rebecca went to the local Camping World store and bought comfy, stiff reclining chairs. They will do wonders for Dave’s recovery as the old blue chairs are uncomfortable and don’t recline. Dave also sleeps in his Lazy Boy recliner at night for the time being. Prognosis is good for him, IF he doesn’t do much moving to scrape the disks with the sharp edges of bone and let the bone heal and grow over as they should. He knows the potential problems, such as limiting this lifestyle or stopping it altogether if he doesn’t abide. Rebecca will WIN any and all discussions about movements and activities ;)

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