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Check out how big the scenery was for the Aida

Madame, madame take your picture!.......... Only two Euros.

Ahhhh! It's gelato time.

Tower at the entrance to St. Mark's Square

Venetian Masks. Can you see me?

The pire of shame. This isn't where they send you if you...

Boy do we need to cool off.

A square in Verona

Romeo, Romeo where art thou? Here I am behind the tourists from...

We made it to our Italian Villa.

Our little oasis.

A sunset view from our bedroom.

Italian Sunset


Waking up a little bleary eyed from our late night cultural event we decided to tour around Shakespeare's setting for Romeo and Juliet. As it is purely a fictional event, Romeo and Juliet not the Margerm vacation, we thought it was pretty funny that an entire city was cashing in on a staged romance. We headed down town with great confidence that we might actually make it out of down town as we had explored every street several times the day before. Gord had been touring Italy solo so far so was naively unaware that Verona was a designer outlet city waiting for three girls from Houston. But we took it pretty easy on him. As we approached the coliseum there were quite a few actors in costumes presumably advertising for the evenings performance. One of these actors (check out the photos) leaped out from behind a column and called out to Dave photo, photo and grabbed my hand. Dave started laughing and took the photo. Little did either myself or Gord know now he expected to be paid. The actor turned to me and I showed him my empty pockets (Dave is still laughing) and hit Gord up for cash! Anyhow after our visit to the coliseum in daylight we wound our ouself through the tiny streets and found an open air market and a couple of little Italian shoe stores (ok, ok a few little Italian shoe stores). Finally we came upon fantasy Juliet's balcony along with 50 American teenage tourists and decided to brave the highways again and make our way to the pool at our Italian Apartment. With great courage Dave leaped behind the wheel and we headed down the highway to Latisana. Upon arrival (32 degrees Celsius) we were greeted with the beautiful honey yellow villa and even more exciting a crystal blue unheated pool!!! The girls were estatic. Let the holiday begin. Don't worry anyone we carefully had stopped and picked up a case of Italian beer for our valiant driver!

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