Summer & Fall Travels 2009 - Christian Resort Ministries travel blog

In a land far a way... a church stands, willing to minister...

Vast expansion of land defines the geology of the CO & UT...

On the border of Colorado and Utah is two towns that exist because of old bones, Dinosaur, Colorado and Vernal, Utah. The windy high desert is part of the mix being here, hot days cool nights and a place where you can see where the large animals roamed almost before time!

Barb and I only stayed the night as scheduled travels were calling. We did find an interesting church name, Dinosaur Baptist Church.

Off on the drive across Utah in the morning as we look for campgrounds and chaplain opportunities. Sometimes, going back in excavated time is interesting as you look at the mammoth animals of the past and the grace of that era and this part in God's time, everything fits so perfectly! But, here is the answerable question, isn't that in God's plan?

This the ignition, Bob, you have miles to travel before you sleep...

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