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Gray seal at Aquarium. john says that they only have sea animals...

Lite leaving Summerside

They work hard to keep up their homes

We are here in 30 kt winds, but no longer the largest boat in the marina - 2nd largest - LOL. Neat town and lots to see and do, but the rain is slowing us down. Ate at a restaurant famous for mussels. This is the mussel capital of the world, so to speak, and Leslie has a plate full and John sampled a couple and said they were the best he ever had. Good time to catch up on washing clothes, and John went shopping for a radar deflector which was local made for fishing boats. This way, we will be a larger blip on other boats radar. Toured around the town and did some souvenir shopping. Bought local paper and caught up on some world news, being saddened by the death of Uncle Walter Cronkite, seeing that the wacko running N. Korea is still whacked out, Obama learning that being president ain't so easy as more campaign promises go the wayside just like almost all his predecessors, looks like economy is getting better. We are paying well over $4 for fuel still, but it seems to be going down. Stock market over 9,000 - WOW! Atlanta Braves in 2nd place and Jeff Gordon also. Also, seeing more politicians not keeping their zippers up, and more accounting types still bilking investors (Ponzi). So in a nutshell, it seems like the world has not changed one bit since leaving home - LOL. however, it is good to hear that both our families and friends are doing quite well, and that God continues to bless us in so many ways, so, we have much to be happy about, including us having each other. We are so much enjoying each other's company. It is a good feeling that even though we are crammed into such a small space, that we still want to wit for the other, for example, when one of us is going to the store just to buy a new toothbrush. We have taken advantage of the time to visit/research more sightseeing here on PEI, waiting to rent our car for a couple of days to see much.

BY THE WAY: Since the home page map does not show where we are now, go to the bottom, left and you will see a place to click on another map to follow our progress thru the Maritimes, as this area is called.

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