Summer 2009 travel blog

Over night casino

Manistee - Old Historic Town

Old Historic Town


Draw Bridge

Draw Bridge

River Board Walk

River Walk

Ferry taking across Lake Michigan

Back goes up to unload

Sunset spend the night at the dock

Loading our motorhome at 7AM

Loading the car

Leaving the dock

Goodbye to Ludington


S,S, Badger Sign

Judy and Van on Deck

Ken and Van

Arrival in Wisconsin

The motorhomes underneath

Driving the motorhome off

Drove down to Manistee and overnighted at the Liver River Casino, they had a nice RV park. Then we visit Historic old town and walk along the river boardwalk. There are alot of expense boats in the river along the walk and at the end it opens up into Lake Michigan.

The next day we drove down to Ludington Dock were the ferry leaves from. Overnight there and catching the S.S. Badger in the morning. Our motorhome and car were loaded underneath. It was a 4 hour trip across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. The water was like glass and made a nice crossing. The ferry had lots to do from Bingo to movies. After arrive we drove to Oshkosh where we are spending the next 4 nights for the Air Show.

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