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Isn’t it nice to get back home after some time away? No matter what we have been doing or how much fun we have been enjoying, it is always great to get back home.

For us, as full-time Rvers, we feel the same way.

Every time we go sightseeing or go off on an adventure, it is just wonderful to get back home, no matter where our home is parked.

We walk in and kick off our shoes, sit down and relax.

We can be in Hannibal, MO or in the Rio Grande Valley, or here in the mountains of Colorado, and “home” is our RV.

We are so comfortable in our little home on wheels.

So, today, after a trip into Canon City to have some lunch at “Chili’s” and pick up supplies at Wal-Mart, we returned to the resort, put groceries away, and relaxed.

It was a very warm day today, even though it was five degrees cooler up here at 6600’ than it was in Canon City.

Marilyn & I stayed inside with the A/C running this afternoon. Marilyn played games on the computer while I placed my body in the horizontal position on the bed, read my book for about 20 minutes and fell asleep for a short nap.

I awoke when I felt something pushing on my ribs and realized that I was just about to damage my glasses, which I had placed on the book I had been reading.

I got out of bed and sat in the living room with Marilyn, going back to my book, which is very interesting.

We saw Jim & Linda return from a trip into Colorado Springs, and we took a cold drink outdoors to sit in the shade with the nice breeze to keep us cool.

We enjoyed the relaxed conversation with these good friends, and had a nice time before coming back inside for the evening.

Marilyn & I were not hungry, having eaten a very large and filling meal at “Chili’s” for lunch. That prompted Marilyn to fix some popcorn for our evening snack, while we watch some TV.

We walked down to the office to call Jennifer. It sure is nice to hear her voice. We miss Colby a LOT and think of him every day!

We’ll be seeing them soon, so for now, we’ll just relax and enjoy our time in the mountains.

We can hardly wait to see what adventures in relaxation tomorrow might have in store…..

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