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As we pulled out of the “Paradise* Caravan Park” in Tamworth, I noticed a Tasmanian registered van with the slogan ‘Tow’N Slow’ as a bumper sticker. That probably summed up the day.

* Nice Caravan park – yes. Paradise? - No

Today we basically covered miles to get closer to the warmth. About 230kms today all up. If you count the drive up from Culburra to start the trip we have covered the first 1000kms. Between 1/30th or 1/40th of the trip already complete. Say it quickly it hurts less. Multiplying our fuel bill to date by 40 certainly hurts.

After a quick stop in Armidale we made a lunch stop at the Wollmombi falls where we did some hiking and had a picnic near the falls and headed on to Dorrigo.

Once we set up camp we wandered out to the Dorrigio National park which has a ‘skywalk’ above the rain forest. After that we went for a walk in the rainforest and Ev got very excited when we discovered a bush turkey. Aaron enjoyed his ride in the backpack. Daddy's back maybe not so much

Came back to town, played on the playground, got some supplies and cooked dinner in the van. Aaron went to bed early and after a chat on the phone with Nanny and Poppy, Evan put himself to bed as well. Importantly, the boys are settling in and coping with everything we throw at them.

Quote of the day

Evan: What’s this road called Mummy?

Alison: The New England Highway

Evan: Did they just build it?

Think about it.............

Tomorrow we should make the NSW coast. To update last night’s cryptic comment, Evans head actually has nothing to do with Evan. Except we will look for a t-shirt for him.

In the late war years Alison’s Grandfather was responsible for rebuilding to flying condition a Lancaster bomber (Q for Queenie) that crash landed at Evans head. This link gives some more detail about the history of the aircraft

Because he was part of the delivery of Q for Queenie, he achieved the distinction of being one of the few, if not the only, man to circumnavigate the globe in a Lancaster bomber. I hope we can find some reference to his work when we get there.

Q for Queenie was later sold off and scrapped in Wagga. One of the other aircraft Don served on during the war, NX611, is still in tact and runs regular taxi runs from East Kirkby aerodrome in the UK. Yes we have been there to see this. Very emotional.

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