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Cows in Nebraska

Trail down Scottsbluff

We left Crawford, NE about 9:30 with plans to spend the night in Scottsbluff. The road heading south was good and the trip was uneventful.

We stopped to see Scottsbluff National Monument. It was interesting to hear the story of how this came to be. We took the shuttle up to the top and listened to what Scotts Bluff meant to the early travelers going west acrossed the plains. Our guide was a school teacher in his real life and does this in his spare time for entertainment. He asked us all about Utah as he has a desire to visit.

We inquired at the Visitors Center as to where the park was as we were looking for a place to stay overnight. They recommended Walmart. Not for me. I thanked them and we decided to head south to the town of Kimball. I had found a park listed with overnight camping. Two hours later we arrived and found the park but no indication that overnight stays were allowed. Back to the drawing board. I found a state park twelve miles out of town by a lake, not free but inexpensive.

After a very long twelve miles, we pulled into the campground. It was a self serve honor system. The only problem is there was no envelopes or info as to how much it cost.

We found a site and spoke with some of the campers and we were informed that the state had turned it over to the city and they had not started any collections as of yet.

I was pleased and we set up camp. Then the trains came with the loud whistles starting a mile down the road and continued for another mile up the road. This continued all night. I am exhausted.

Until next time.........

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