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At last, a KING!

NOAA Fish Farm

The net to stop the salmon from heading upstream to spawn.

Some of the hundreds of salmon trying to spawn.

Gut Bay

Ice Bear in the distance and the fast boat to the rescue

Falls in Red Bluff Bay

Just birds..

The couple on Wanderlust, my other saviours

The anchorage from Blue Aweigh in Red Bluff

Frederick Sound


Beautiful buck

At the campground in Petersburg

We weren’t going to back track this trip but here we are in Petersburg also known as “Little Norway”.

Here’s how it happened. We were traveling north up the eastern side of Baronof Island in protected waters doing what is called “gunk-holing”. Sounds odd but it really means just stopping in coves and anchoring when desirable for the day or overnight. We stopped into a great little spot called Little Port Walter. Mike wanted to go to shore as there was a NOAA station that is staffed with scientists and fish management folks with a dock. I wasn’t feeling well so he went to explore. He came back quite excited about all he learned about the salmon management here. We did see the stream where the salmon try to head up but are blocked off by nets for purposes of science. Some were huge, maybe 60 lbs. We stayed the night and moved on.

Next day, Port Armstrong was a quiet little place where we saw king salmon jumping out of the water. This of course inspired Mike. Just knowing there were salmon was enough to entice him to launch the dink and fish. After a short time, he arrived with a beautiful 20 lb. king salmon. This is especially great because he bought the $100.00 stamp for his fishing license to catch a king. Stamp now legitimized.

We continued northward to see Misty Cove, Gut Bay and the not to be missed Red Bluff Bay. After tucking into Misty cove, Mike could see on our AIS (identifies ship traffic) that an American super mega-yacht, Ice Bear (which we saw and admired in Sitka) was approaching within a few miles. As I began to feel worse by the moment, I decided that I may be ailing from a urinary tract infection. Normally, a jug of cranberry juice guzzled down does the trick in the early stages. We were 2 days away from any town or medical help. So Mike hailed Ice Bear’s captain to see if they had any cranberry juice (I will always carry it going forward!). The captain said he would check with the stewardess. Mind you this is a 176 ft. yacht. Captain came back with affirmative, however the nurse wanted to speak to me. So we discussed my symptoms over the VHF and she urged me go get to shore sooner than later if my symptoms didn’t subside. Mike told the Captain we were three miles north and were heading his direction. He urged us not to and launched on of their fast boats, about 30 ft long, with 4 men to deliver. They arrived within 10 minutes, tossed a jug of juice and wouldn’t take anything in exchange. What a great bunch of people.

Unfortunately, we were still a day away from help so we anchored in Red Bluff Bay, which was spectacular by the way, just as we had been told. By the time we got there, the couple we had cocktails with a few nights before were anchored next to us and rendered help with some antibiotics. I started immediately and headed for Petersburg the next morning. Long story short, got assistance twice from other people, went to the doctor and the medication was appropriate….just needed to take it longer. Thanks to the great doctor in Petersburg, we now have a supply of antibiotic onboard should we have this sort of situation happen again, we will be self sufficient! BTW – I am now feeling great again.

So we have been sitting in Petersburg for about 6 days for a few reasons. First was for medical help, secondly, our water maker needs a new pump and we are waiting for a Fed Ex delivery of miscellaneous parts to arrive(which just came in) and thirdly, we just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary…hard to believe.

We celebrated our anniversary by renting a car and touring the island. There are 32 miles of paved roads but most of the roads we drove were old logging roads which are well maintained gravel roads. We saw 2 bucks together, a doe, and a couple of waddle butts, I mean porcupines. They are big and slow but fast enough to rush into brush that all I could get on film was their behinds. We saw the Le Conte glacier from afar and picturesque areas along the Frederick Sound . We followed a road with lots of bear scat (poop) but never had a bear sighting.

Last night we enjoyed dinner at The Beachcomber, the only dinner house in Petersburg. We were picked up and returned to the marina as a courtesy they provide to boaters here. It was a welcome treat.

Today we will head south to the Prince of Wales Island and meander down the western side. Don’t know if or when we will have communications but as of now, you are up to date with the happenings of Blue Aweigh.

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