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It took over 11 hours to drive to Lusaka on good roads. We had to stop quickly in Chipata to have our compressor fixed. It was an interesting stop since we got to meet some 3rd-4th generation Indians who ran an electronics store. It was interesting hearing how their family had arrived in Africa over a hundred years ago from India. The capital city (1.2 million people) feels like a modern metropolis you might see anywhere. Given Zambia's poverty, it wasn't what we'd expected. Street lights, sidewalks, modern buildings and fancy cars were a surprise.

After dropping off our backpacker-become-hitchiker, we camped on the oustkirts of town.

The next day, on our way out of town, we were stopped for speeding. We don't think we'd been speeding, but became convinced of it when the fine wasn't fixed and after insisting that we go down to the police station to sort it we were "given the benefit of the doubt" and were allowed to go without a fine. This was the first blatent attempt by the police in Zambia to extract a bribe. No Go.

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