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Bust of William F Cody (Buffalo Bill)

Russian Carriage Robe Given to Buffalo Bill by Czar Alexander II

Arta Cody's Wedding Dress 1889

Plains Indian Museum - Child's Tipi

Plains Indian Museum - Beaded Dress

Plains Indian Museum - Tsistsistas Migration - Dog Pulling Sled

Plains Indian Museum - Sweat Lodge

Plains Indian Museum - Bear Claw Necklace

Plains Indian Museum - Man's Bustle, Dakota, Canada 1987

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park 1893

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - 'Testing the Air' 1997

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - 'Shadow' 1995

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - 'On Pursuit' 1850

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - 'Indian Maiden and Fawn' 1926

Whitney Gallery of Western Art - 'Where Elegance Meets Fear' 1996

This morning I didn’t do much because I was waiting to see what happened with Barb’s trailer tire issue. Good Sam Emergency Road Service sent a man to remove the ruined tire and install her spare. He checked all the tires and noted that they were all of different types and sizes. He recommended that she replace all four of them and told her where she could get some good ones at a reputable local dealer. She will do that Wednesday morning before we leave for Billings, Montana.

I e-mailed Bill Hase at the Wireless Toyz store in Austin where I had initially gotten my T-Mobile Pre-paid service. He contacted T-Mobile to ask them to re-set my pass code and activate my new phone. I then went online to check my account and found that my 363 minutes still had not been transferred from my old phone to my new one. I chatted with a customer service rep and he informed me that a supervisor was supposed to transfer the 363 minutes but that he could not move my contacts to my new phone. Grrr! That means that I will have to enter them all manually.

Since there is no T-Mobile service in Wyoming or Montana, I will not be able to use my phone. I can’t even reset the date and time yet. When I finally do get to an area where the phone will have service, I’ll call Bill to add more minutes to my account. He has been very helpful in this situation.

About mid-afternoon Barb and I went to Bill Cody’s Irma Hotel with the intention of taking the 3:00 o’clock trolley tour around town but there wasn’t room for us. Barb bought a ticket to tonight’s rodeo and then I took her back home to get her pickup. I bought a pair of Wyoming jade earrings from Col. Cody's Wild West Emporium inside the hotel.

I drove back to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. It consists of the Buffalo Bill Museum, Whitney Gallery of Western Art, the Plains Indian Museum, the Cody Firearms Museum, the Draper Museum of Natural History and the McCracken Research Library. Buffalo Bill’s Boyhood Home is located behind the museum. Since I arrived so late, I had time only for a quick tour of the first three. All of them are very impressive. One could easily spend two days there! (

On the way home I stopped at the Red Eagle Mart to feed Sweet Pea so we'd be ready for our trip to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow ($2.699 per gallon). The east entrance is about 50 miles from Cody, so it will be an all-day trip.

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