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Stuffed Yale mascot.

Jerry admires the ivy.

Yale student Sebastian leads tour.

Statue of spy, Nathan Hale.

Oldest part of campus.

Spilled acid makes building look old.

Temple to knowledge.


It took all day for the work to be done. And so we rented a car and went to New Haven to see the sights. The first stop was ivy league university, Yale.

At the visitor's center where our tour began we saw the mascot for Yale (the bulldog). There he was - stuffed just like a fish or a moose. I'm not sure I liked that.

Sebastian, a junior at Yale, gave us a great tour.

And yes, there was ivy all around.

We walked to the oldest part of the campus and stopped at a statue of a man named Nathan Hale. It turns out he was America's first spy. No one knew what he looked like so the sculptor used a student who he felt looked the most patriotic as his model.

We were told that the architect had acid poured on this building when it was built so it would look old. After many years the damage from the acid is being repaired.

One of our last stops was the library. The donor wanted to have a chapel built but as Yale is a secular university that was not allowed so instead a temple to knowledge was built - the library.

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