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Kim in waders ready to go in the water

Attaching the slings for the crane to lower boat into water

Successfully in the water

No Scott isn't allergic to the water!

Nana & Grandpa Liddycoat

Releasing Todd's boat from the slings

Connecticut Evan with Grant & Nana

Evan & Dad-our favorite photographer

The boys resting

Real fun is just beginning


Suiting up in safety equipment

Grant just awakened from nap

New hat & glasses for Grant

Here is a good shot of driver's alternate escape


NM-97 in action(the red boat)

Look at those rooster tails!

Team Extreme(red boat)


The team at work

End of a long day

It's the morning after!!! We've just experienced boat racing fever at it's best. Thank you Mark Weber & Marianne Wilson-well orchestrated! With more than 95+ boat entries you can imagine the organizational skills required for everything to run smoothly.

Racers enjoy fierce but friendly competition in any kind of weather( NO lighting,please), and socialization(braggin' or complainin') at the end of the day. We,the racing teams, were treated to two meals a day plus a pit party complete with fireworks on Saturday night. It is customary with our team to have potluck suppers the rest of the time. Now that's when we can really let down, having lots of laughs and beers!

Corky supposedly retired from engine builder status; however, it wasn't long before I noticed him atop the Team Extreme boats getting his hands a little greasy. We had such a good time visiting with everyone. The youngest member of the team, Grant, kept us in motion all day!! Where do kids get the energy? Whenever I am able to get the pictures to upload, you will have a glimpse into the week-end. This year brought a new generation of baby boat racers. The three of them sported "ear muffs" for noise control. You know the ear muffs must work as each child could be seen peacefully napping.

Corky enjoys videoing Scott and Todd while driving in the heats. The video becomes part of our evening entertainment as the "boys" critique the boats. As yet, I have not mastered the speed images. Give me another 10 years or a professional camera!

Truck and camper are Cambridge, Maryland bound for a race next week-end. My assignment will be as a helper on the start finish line - best view in the house. Returning to Region 4 racing is very reassuring as we have the most well equipped and well trained and experienced rescue team in the nation. You just pray for no accidents when region 4 rescue isn't in the water. For those of you unfamiliar, the safety features are likened to NASCAR, military,etc.- helments with air supply, kevlar windshields, carbine fiber "arts", 5 point restraints, full body life vests, escape hatch,etc.

I'm alternately laughing and grumbling. I give up on any "road bump" typo errors. Looking forward to reuniting with family and friends in about a week.

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