Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning we were on the road by 9:00 or thereabouts. I left a few minutes before Barb did because I wanted to feed Daisy before leaving Casper. I knew that fuel prices would be higher north of there. I waited on the side of the road for Barb to catch up.

The road from Casper to Shoshoni seemed long because there was very little scenery to break the monotony. From Shoshoni to Thermopolis was a different story. The drive through the Wind River Canyon was spectacular and very easy. I think it is the easiest mountain pass I have ever driven through. There were no steep drop-offs or hairpin curves. The Boysen State Park at the Boysen Reservoir was beautiful. There were several campgrounds beside the lake, as well as alongside the Wind River. The Owl Creek Mountains are very rugged and rocky. Barb and I decided that we would like to spend several days there the next time we come to this area.

Between Meeteetse and Cody we drove through another mountain pass but it didn’t compare to the beauty of the Wind River Canyon.

At about ten miles from Cody I noticed some rubber being flung off Barb’s trailer. At first I thought she had hit a tire fragment on the highway but, when I saw two more pieces flying off, I was almost positive that she was having a tire problem. I radioed her about it and she slowed down to 45 mph the rest of the way to Cody. I drove behind her to watch for more signs of trouble. Sure enough, when we arrived at the RV park, we could see that there was a large patch where tread was missing. Some of it was down to the fabric! I hope she will be able to get another tire soon.

The first thing I did before finishing my setup chores was to turn on the air conditioner. Apparently today is a hotter-than-average day. I got overheated while setting up camp and my face and neck stayed very red for quite a while. Because of the heat and extra demand for electricity, the power went off several times. Of course, when it happened the first time, I checked my system but couldn’t find anything wrong. Then I saw several of my neighbors outside and asked them if their power was off, too. It was. I was relieved that my coach hadn’t had an electrical failure.

My new Nokia 3555 phone was waiting for me when we arrived at the RV Park. I hope I will be able to activate it soon and transfer the unused minutes from my old phone. I have put the new one on the charger so it will be ready for action when I activate it.


Route: I-25 N to Exit 189 => US 20 W to Thermopolis => WY 120 W to Cody

Total Miles Driven: 215

Weather Conditions: Sunny, hot and dry

Road Conditions: 2 lanes all the way, but with wide shoulders

Gasoline Price: $2.379 at Casper

RV Park: Absaroka Bay RV Park, Cody (

Park Conditions: Long pull-throughs. Electricity kept going off.

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