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Road to down town Santa Rosalia

Eiffel Church - Old French Copper Mining Town

The Super Isste grocery store

One of the Isste aisles

Another aisle

Local church with beer being unloaded

The White store on the second up street

Cindy trying to give Gary the Gatorade

Gary in the final stretch to the marina

Shopping in Santa Rosalia:

From where the boat is moored at the marina in Santa Maria there is a 5-10 minute walk to large round-a-bout that has a small train replica statue. At this juncture you walk one block further west then 2 blocks north (right). You are now at the “1st up street” of town (so called as it is a one way street going west). Along this street you pass some small novelty stores, cafes, ice cream, fish taco and hot dog vendors then on the right nearly 5 blocks is one of the 4 main grocery stores in town. This is the Isste store which is government subsidized. The store has no air conditioning and is in an old warehouse style building with food racks scattered about. We started our shopping here on Monday picking up cereal that we immediately pull out the inner bag and discard the box as to prevent bugs and cockroaches from coming on board. We also pick up potato chips, sugar, Jiminex fruit juice paper quart containers, packets of Zuko (powder like crystal light) to flavor our water, and some other odds and ends. Once we pay and load everything into a backpack we head to the next store that is on the 1st down street another 8-9 blocks further west. This is the “circus” store due to the colorful paint work on the outside with the purples, pinks, etc. Here we find it to be air conditioned and there is some decent looking fruit and vegetables – albeit the re-stock is generally done on Friday so this is now 3 days old. The cantaloupe isn’t bad so pick up one, as well as some white onions, potatoes, butter, jam, bollilo (bread rolls), and bananas. It is getting hot and late in the day so head back to the boat. The next morning we head out again this time starting at the Circus store finding yogurt, milk, wafer cookies, and a few other items. We then head to the “white” store which is on the 2nd up street maybe 1 block further east that air conditioned and has a meat cooler display so we check out the meat. We don’t buy any as we can’t tell what is what – nothing is labeled – besides it didn’t look that good anyway. We did find some celery, carrots, lettuce, peaches, pears, and apples that were in pretty good shape as well as some eggs which you buy either individually by the bag from a 30 count flat carton or by the flat. We buy a flat request they wrap for easy transport. Again, everything goes in the backpack. We head to the last store which is on the 2nd down street about 6-7 blocks closer to the marina there we find a large container of quaker oats 1 minute so buy the last one. We still can’t find Bisquick, Beaumonde seasoning, chunky peanut butter, chocolate chips, miracle whip, Crisco, hard candy, licorice, and others. We start heading back to the boat stopping first at the tortilleria and get some tortillas then at a fruit stand to pick up a small bag of Oranges. Once back on the boat we need to determine where to put everything since the cabin is up to about 91 degrees and it doesn’t cool below 84. We put most of the fruit and veges in the refrigerator after dunking them in bleached water to kill the little buggies. The eggs, onions, potatoes, bananas, and oranges we put in the locker under one of the seats in the salon near the bilge where it is about 10-15 degrees cooler. The eggs don’t require refrigeration so we just turn them every couple of days. We spent a total of about 4 hours doing our grocery shopping. Gary was also looking for a piece of wood (1x4 pine) beginning on Tuesday and due to the language barrier he struggled. He went to several Ferreterias (hardware stores) and they kept saying something about that way (north) well we walked up a hill and around a corner then did find a lumber yard but it was after 6 so it was closed. Gary tried another constructeria where he did find wood but they would not cut to size and referred him back to the lumber yard. Wednesday found Gary heading out once again to the lumber yard where the clerk was very helpful finding the right piece of wood then hand sawing to size needed. Very productive but exhausting two days.

Some Pix of the adventure taken July 19 when we did it all over again in preparation of heading further north into the Sea where there will be virtually no stores larger than a closet - so to speak.

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