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Playa Grande, Taganga, Columbia

lots of shade and water toys at Playa Grande

some of the houses on the hills around the Playa

Taganga from the water Taxi

more hillside houses

de doo from de Mr. Wilson

these pointy Mr. Spock sideburns only lasted a day

Well it turned out to be a very good thing that Cory and Elaine had their own bathroom as Elaine was having some Pepto Bismal moments, choosing the diarrea option. The wonderful beef must have been too rich for her system. Cory decided to return to Santa Marta because he had forgotten to pick something up yesterday. Elaine chose to stay close to home, relaxing in the hammock reading her book and getting her exercise by running back and forth to the bathroom.

Cory returned and was very excited, it didn’t take Elaine and I long to join in with his excitement. He had purchased some very small, thin flat speakers and a head set for the computer. With the speakers we could listen to movies on the laptop, and with the headset we could get totally in touch with technology and start using skype. For those who know what it is you are probably thinking why didn’t they do that before, and for those that have no idea, it is using the internet to make calls. That way we don’t have to go in search of phones.

Elaine felt a little bit better the next day, so we headed off to Playa Grande. It was a quaint little beach that was a 5 minute boat ride away. We spent most of the day there enjoying the sun, and Cory splurged on some bling for Elaine. He spent $10 and purchased two pieces of jewelry for her. The first piece was a coconut ring, and the other was a string bracelet.

July 11, Cory and Elaine spent some time on skype and we phoned the James family in Poco (Port Coquitlam). We used the video so we got to talk and see them. It was great seeing Katie and Chris and the most pleasant part was getting to see my brother – Poco Rojo or little red. He looks really good, even if he does look like he’s seen too much sun.

For lunch Cory and Elaine ate some really good hotdogs. We also made some other calls. Her mum had told Elaine that Steve and Debbie were away, so she didn’t try to phone him even though today is his birthday.

July 12. There are so many things to be thankful for when travelling and Cory and Elaine were once again ecstatic that they had a private bathroom with a toilet that worked because they spent most of today fighting. Yes, fighting over the bathroom. Turns out those really good hotdogs weren’t so good. When travelling Cory and Elaine have had to make different decisions, where to go, how to get there, etc. Today the decision was which end do I need to have over the toilet. Fortunately we are fairly close to a store and Elaine was able to make it there to get 10 bottles of Gatorade. Cory was smart and just stuck to liquids, but Elaine wanted to try and get some food in. She tried, and was repeatedly unsuccessful.

July 13 Was a day of rest, and another day to stick close to home and try to regain some strength. It was a good day and all food responded as it was meant to. We started making some plans on the next part of the journey, and booked a flight to Madrid Spain for Monday the 20. Elaine and Cory are very excited as Elaine’s mum is going to be meeting them in Spain to spend some time with them. They have not seen each other since early January, and I have never met Rose.

This is the third time on our trip that we have spent more than a week in one place. The first time was in Roatan, Honduras at Mariposa, the second was Lucy’s in Montezuma, Costa Rica. These times are very enjoyable and relaxing, and the hostels become like home, and it is sometimes difficult to write about our day-to-day things. It is at these times we don’t necessarily feel like “tourists” but just living our life.

For instance one of the things you do when living your life is going for a haircut. This was Cory’s third haircut and Elaine’s first in four months. Taganga, Columbia is home to De Mr. Wilson. Many of the men at Casa de Felippe had been to see him, and Cory decided a cut would help him feel cooler with the heat. Elaine was ready to have her hair freshened up. She has let Betty Ann guide her scissors in this growing process, and not having had longer hair as an adult Elaine realized she wouldn’t know what to ask for in English, let alone try to explain in Spanish, the only language De Mr. Wilson speaks. Cory went first and Elaine recognized he knew what he was doing. He was obviously a skilled craftsman and deserving of his title (from many years ago, judging on the picture) of World Champion, The World Gay Festival of Hairdressers.

De Mr. Wilson trimmed Cory’s sideburns to make him have a Dr. Spock type look. Elaine sat in the chair and let him work his magic. It all seemed perfectly normal until her reached behind her neck and pulled her head forward as if placing her in a praying position. He then combed all the hair forward and cut. He then leaned her over to the side, combed all her hair and cut. He repeated the process for the other side. When it was over it felt much better and you can judge for yourself based on the photo.

We invited a New Zealand couple Jen and Dan to join us for dinner. We had a lovely stew and bread, and a really great visit.

We did decide to play tourist for the next four days, and go camping at Parque Tayrona, one of Columbia’s national parks. The staff at Casa de Felippe would store our bags, and we just had to pack up what we would need for the next three nights.

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