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Fort Caspar - Barracks and Kitchen

Fort Caspar - Barracks and Kitchen

Fort Caspar - Commissary Storehouse

Fort Caspar - Corral

Fort Caspar - Laundry Room

Fort Caspar - Officers' Quarters, Laundry Room and Stables

Fort Caspar - Overview

Tate Geological Museum

Tate Geological Museum - Small Rail Car in Front

Tate Geological Museum - Fish Fossil

Tate Geological Museum - Struthiomimus sedens

Tate Geological Museum - Monolophosaurus jiangi

Tate Geological Museum - Giant Short-Faced Bear

Casper Mountain

Casper Mountain - View of Casper

Casper Mountain - View at Foot of Mountain

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather to explore the Casper area since we had not yet seen much of it. It is a nice little city of about 50,000. (

First, we visited Fort Caspar Museum and the reconstructed fort. Casper citizens built it on original foundation sites in 1936, using sketches made by Lt. Caspar Collins in 1863. In 1847 Brigham Young led the Mormons from what is now Nebraska to the Great Salt Lake Valley. They established a ferry service which operated through 1852. The first permanent occupation at the Fort Caspar site was in 1859 when Louis Guinard built a bridge and trading post. It also served as an overnight stage stop, a Pony Express relay station and a telegraph office. In 1865 the Army officially changed the name of Platte Bridge Station to Fort Caspar to honor the lieutenant who was killed, along with five of his soldiers, who were escorting an Army supply train to Platte Bridge Station. (

After eating a quick lunch under the shade of a tree, we visited the Tate Geological Museum, which has been part of the Casper College campus since 1980. It houses nearly 3000 fossil and mineral specimens. It also has a fossil preparation laboratory where technicians work on fossil material. (

From the campus we drove up Casper Mountain to the Hogadon Ski Area. The road was extremely curvy so I had to use second gear all the way up and down the mountain. At a large pullout we had good views of the city of Casper and the surrounding area.

After we came off the mountain we stopped at the Big ‘O’ Tire Store. Sweet Pea’s right rear tire had a slow leak. Somewhere I had picked up a nail, probably in one of the many construction zones we passed through. I’m glad it was easily repaired. Now I can rest easy.

After we got back to the RV park, I hooked Sweet Pea up to Daisy so I’d have one less chore to do in the morning, when we will leave for Cody, Wyoming.

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