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The Lighthouse at La Martre

A tiny waterfall along the side of the road; took a break...

It's a grey day out there and about to get worse

We saw lots of these signs; both inclines and declines

We left Cap-Chat pretty early as we had a little longer driving day planned today. Also, it was dry but Joe had looked at the weather radar and we knew it wouldn’t be for long. We made a quick stop to get a picture of the lighthouse at La Martre. By the time we reached the next lighthouse, we couldn’t even see it. We were actually above the fog bank and the seaway was totally socked in with pea-soup fog.

We now know why they call it the “top” of the Gaspe. We felt like we were climbing the Rocky Mountains, yet the highest elevation we attained was somewhere shy of 1,000 feet. But every incline and decline was over a 10-15% grade. In one stretch, the hill went straight up at about a 20% slope. The roads were rough and bumpy so it was slow going; and then the rain found us. The engine and brakes got a good workout and we got some of the worst fuel mileage we’ve experienced in a while.

We stopped for lunch and the temperature was 58 degrees; somebody please send some warm, dry weather. From here, we entered the area known as Land’s End; the visibility was so bad, we could barely see the road but Joe persevered and we finally rounded the tip and entered Forillon National Park. Then it was a quick trek to the RV park at Cap-Aux-Os.

We have a beautiful site up on a hill with a view to the bay; we know the bay is there because it’s on the map; but it’s totally obscured by the fog, mist and rain. The afternoon wasn’t fit to do anything except stay inside and catch up on chores. We have full hook-ups here so I’m doing laundry. The motor home and Jeep are both trashed from the rain and road construction, but they’ll have to wait for another day to get washed. There was one long torn up section through a town which was just a muddy mess; the residents must love it.

Weather permitting, we’ll go to Forillon National Park tomorrow.

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