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View from our back window


Inside the Pizzeria Rustica

Jim & Ed

Marilyn & Linda

Toward the front




On the street of Old Colorado City

Horse drawn Carriage

We have been asked by several of our loyal readers, about our recipe for margaritas. We have a good one and here it is:

One large can of frozen limeade

Fill the can to the top with tequila

1/2 can of Triple Sec

Add a large splash of Orange Juice


Add one 12 oz can of light beer

Stir, serve over ice and enjoy

Note: Wipe the rim of the glass with a wedge of lime and dip the rim in salt before adding the margarita mixture, if you desire.

Now for the rest of the story of our day:

We slept with the windows open again last night, and awoke to pretty cool temperatures inside the RV. I put a sweatshirt on but did not close any windows. Have I mentioned how awesome the weather is here? LOL

After our morning coffee, we headed out for our morning walk. It was 7:30 AM and the cool temperatures combined with clear skies and a light breeze made walking easy and comfortable.

We have been trying to gradually increase our distance and today we walked just over 2 ½ miles.

We normally walk down Barrett Road toward Hwy 115, and we have distances memorized, but Marilyn wears her pedometer anyway.

The views as we walk along are wonderful, and our only concerns are the traffic, which is much lighter on weekends when the gravel trucks are not running.

As we walked back toward the resort this morning, we could hear a couple of horses off to our left. They whinnied to each other, and it was quite audible to us, although we couldn’t see them for the pine trees, etc, between us and them.

Suddenly we heard the pounding of horses hooves growing closer and the two horses appeared out of the pines. We caught glimpses of them as they ran among the trees, and then they came close to us, up against the fence, and seemed to want us to come over and pet them.

We walked over to the fence and rubbed the nose of one beautiful horse, while talking quietly to him. The other horse, much younger, was a bit skittish but seemed interested in what was going on. We wished we had brought the camera with us and I was wishing I had some sugar cubes or an apple in my pocket.

We finally left this magnificent animal and continued toward our resort. The horse whinnied and followed along, running between the trees but staying close to the fence. He finally galloped away, leaving us with a very pleasant memory for our “memory bank”.

Back at our site we sat outdoors for a few minutes just to unwind, then got busy with a few chores. We had an adventure planned with Jim & Linda, so we got ready for that little jaunt. Marilyn & I took our showers and dressed for a drive into Old Colorado City, to visit the “Pizzeria Rustica”, which is an excellent place to eat, with gourmet pizzas and fine antipasto dishes.

We enjoyed the scenic drive into town, with a few of the mountain tops shrouded in cloud cover.

Finally locating a place to park, we walked about a block to the restaurant and were seated after a short wait.

With a large antipasto plate shared between the four of us, the meal was off to a good start.

The pizza was served next and it was delicious. It was only the description of the dessert which made our mouths water enough to order it. Jim & I ordered the vanilla gelato with chocolate frangelika sauce, cherries and toasted walnuts with a delicious coating of something good. I shared my dessert with Marilyn, but Jim had one all to himself since Linda ordered the lemon sorbet, which is a wonderful treat. Trust me! I have eaten that dessert before and it is great!

With our hunger fully abated we returned to the truck, stopping only to sample some chocolate treats at the Rocky Mountain Fudge Factory.

Once we stuffed ourselves into the truck we didn’t stop again until we were back at the RV.

Each couple retreated into their own little abode and went into the “relax” mode.

Jim & Linda loaned us a movie to watch so I talked Marilyn into popping some popcorn and we settled down to continue this wonderful relaxing day in the mountains of Colorado.

Tomorrow will be here soon and we’ll have to wait to see what adventures are in store…..

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