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Found some wood on UNCAS Road

Sign Post at the wood lot

We enjoyed a lot of fires

Sunday 7/12/09

I think all had a good nights sleep and we did not get up until 8:30am. All the rain was gone and the huge puddles had disappeared. Elizabeth did not sleep in the tent last night as planned and some doubt she will. We started working on breakfast using both grills. Bacon and eggs on one and pancakes on the other. There was also cantaloupe and donuts so there was plenty to eat. It was around 10:30 when we finished and cleaned up. We also ran the generators for the morning charge of the batteries. You can only run them 9-11 and 4-7 each day. The rest is quiet time. We should have plenty of reserve. Then 4 of us went for a ride to the store and out to find some better priced wood. A bundle is $7 here and we found it for $4. The state does not allow you to bring wood from over 50 miles because of insect infestation. Bonnie and the kids left for the lake to go fishing. When we got back it was after 2 and everyone was ready for lunch. Elizabeth started the Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese. I walked down to the lake and found Bonnie at the beach with the kids swimming. I announced lunch was almost ready and we all headed for the campsite. After lunch we rested read and played some games. Eric rented a boat and took a couple of the kids fishing. We cooked up some burgers and had them and some potato chips for supper. Then had a nice fire and sat around and told stories. The stars were also out in full force and I watched a satellite quickly cross the sky. Finally around 11 we all slowly wandered off to bed.

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