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Two humpbacks astern

Never tire of these creatures

Don't really know what these are, but Devon caugh them.

Proud Crabber

Evening in Sitka. Night sky in Alaska can be beautiful.

The top of our mast with the bird spikes laying over. Eagles...

Lots of interesting birds here


Just found him lounging inside an inlet

Most would swim away quickly, but this one was more lazy

Heading out to open water

Another cove

Alone again

Lots of beautiful anchorages here

Headed out to the Gulf of Alaska from an inlet

One of the thousands of jelly fish in Puffin Bay

Goddard Bay Hot Springs, the lower bath shed shown

The indoor tub with lots of "art work"

The outdoor tub did not look inviting...

Fresh Salmon kabobs, again

The after dinner rowing expedition in our cove

The head of Puffin Bay

This island is just off the tip of Cape Ommaney, southern tip...

Looking north from the Cape

Sea lions on cape

Close Up of sea lions

After departing from Sitka we did some cove hopping along the western coast, which is the Gulf of Alaska. Exposed to real swells. It's been awhile since we were out in the open Pacific, it was last October on our journey northward from California to be exact. This entails the usual wind and swell combinations from different directions. I never realized that my love of roller coasters would come in handy some day, but it does. Mike's face had the biggest smile on it the whole time...salty soul that he is.

We found the Gulf to be quite jagged, much like the CA and Oregon coasts. Some of the sea facing cliffs did not have any growth for 200 ft. from the sea due to the wind and wave conditions there. There were many beautiful anchorages and wildlife to enjoy but often we were all alone in the anchorage. We made a quick stop at the Goddard Hot Springs on our way south. The spring water was amazingly HOT! Had to wait till it cooled off to hop in. One evening in Puffin Bay, we met some powerboaters from San Diego on Wanderlust and Shalimar from Flagstaff, Arizona and spent some time together over cocktails. Both these couples have cruised the Alaskan waters every winter for the last 5 or so years and keep their boats here. The following morning, as well all departed from the bay, we were treated to whales feeding in our cove.

We have not had cell or internet services for the last week. As we sit in Petersburg once again, I wanted to share the first part of the last week with you so as not to bore you with a really lengthy blog. In the end, traveling south down Baronof was a great adventure.

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