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Marilyn & I were up by 5:30 this morning. We have had that problem with unusual tire wear and suspected the axle alignment or some other problem with the axle. Doubletree, manufacturer of the Mobile Suites, asked us to take our rig to the dealer located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Today was the day so we got things ready, skipping our morning coffee for today. We were hooked up and ready to go by 6:40 AM.

The drive to Pueblo was uneventful and the scenery was very nice as the mountains were in our windshield until we turned east on Hwy 50 at Penrose.

Our trusty GPS guided us to the RV dealer, and they were ready for us. It didn’t take long to determine that the axles were both bad. The right tire on the front axle was the one we had changed yesterday and the left tire on the rear axle is also showing signs of unusual wear.

Greg, at Doubletree, is talking with the engineers to decide what to do. We’ll check in with them tomorrow and see what the next step should be.

While we were waiting for a call back from Doubletree, I called Paul Cross who has an RV repair business near the Mobile Suites factory at Howe, Indiana. We plan to travel there in October, to have several things done on our RV. We will install a new washer/dryer, a new sleep number mattress, replace a window, and have several other minor repairs done while we are there.

It is possible that we will have the axle problem taken care of at that time, but that depends on our ability to travel safely to Indiana from Colorado with the axles and tires we now have. I’ll keep you advised.

I will also report on the support from Doubletree, which has been quite good so far, and the work by Paul Cross, which has been reported to be excellent.

In any case, Marilyn & I were finished at the dealer today, while it was still morning, and we headed back to the resort. By the time we would reach our resort, it amounted to a 100 mile tow to have the axle checked.

Marilyn placed a call to Jennifer and enjoyed a nice conversation with her. We had to call her at her work today but will call her on Friday to tell her Happy Birthday for sure. Jen says she is feeling pretty good, although she has her moments. Marilyn is convinced that Jen & Steve will have a girl this time. We’ll see…..

We stopped at the “Gooseberry Patch” for a bite of lunch, as we had not eaten or even had our coffee yet today. It was 11:00 AM when we stopped, only to discover that they do not open until 11:30. My reputation for choosing restaurants which are closed when we arrive, remains intact.

We climbed back into the truck and headed for Mountaindale, arriving a few minutes before 12 noon. We were all set up once again by 1:30 and I sat outdoors in the shade with a cold drink. Jim joined me for awhile and we enjoyed the great weather and the mutual company.

I grilled some burgers on the grill for a late lunch and Marilyn fixed some veggies to go with it.

Once our lunch was over, we took a cold drink outdoors to sit in the shade of our awning and talk about how wonderful it is here in Colorado. We heard Jim come outside and waved at him. He invited us over to their patio so that is where we ended up for the next hour or so.

Back at our own RV, I took a shower while Marilyn popped some popcorn to enjoy with TV tonight.

So we are relaxed once again and looking forward to a good night, and whatever adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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