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Trigger Fish

Mexican Angel Fish

Moray Eel in background

Sea Turtle

Jewel Moray Eel

Mexican Barracuda

Us in front with our cruisers shrine


Cortez Angel Fish

Oyster / Rock Scallop

Juvenile Cortez Angel Fish

Alexander's Spiny Brittle Star

Sea Slug - Nudibranch

Crevice full of Lobster

Bryde's Whale

Another Sunset

Pelican in flight at dusk - for you Jan

Bat Ray

Bat Ray

Cindy and her Dorado


We had a wonderful trip back to the states getting to see and talk to many of you plus spending lots of time with family. The time went by very quickly. Besides the obvious joy of being with friends and family we actually were very excited to walk up and down a real grocery store. Fans and M&Ms were the most desired on our list bringing lots of each back. Ok, so what have we been doing since back in the Sea of Cortez?

We went from Puerto Escondido back to Puerto Ballandra for a few days then sailed across to Loreto to visit the Farmers Market picking up some wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables. Cindy picked up a soccer ball that will double as a volleyball. We played beach volleyball in the states with the kids and got in a game at Puerto Escondido. After provisioning we headed back to Isla Coronados where we spent only one long windy, stormy and lightning filled night before heading north for more unexplored territory. We got some good wind out of Coronados so were able to sail quite a bit of the way to the north side of San Juanico where we spent 3 nights. There is a cruiser’s shrine at this anchorage (well on the south side which we hiked to). We created our shrine and hung it on the bush plus Cindy did lots of shelling. Every night we went ashore building a bonfire and sat around well away from the fire as it was way too hot and visited with the many fellow cruisers in the cove. The water was quite cold mid 70s in this area so did little swimming and no snorkeling. We headed to Santa Domingo on July 2 where we anchored in a nice bay about 1/3rd mile from shore where we swam, dove for chocolate clams and shelled. The water temp was up to mid 80s and the outside temp about 100 with fair amount of humidity. We were struggling keeping the interior of the boat under 90 degrees – the fans were working overtime. On July 4 we headed further down into Concepcion Bay to El Burro Cove where the Sonrisa Ham Net Weather guy, Geary, hosted a 4th celebration complete with a wonderful potluck, hot dogs, and fireworks. The only draw back was the water was 91, outside temp 100+ and the inside of our boat was 94. Too toasty for our liking so we only stayed one night doing some snorkeling on Isla Coyote and shelling at Playa Santa Barbara before heading back to the cool waters and air of Santa Domingo. We left Monday the 6th for Punta Chivato after having an overnight thunder and lightning show with some light rain. En route we heard that south side of Chivato was weather stricken with winds and high waves so went around the corner to a southerly protected anchorage. After dropping the hook and swimming ashore to do some shelling decided it was way too rolly and rocky for us in the 2-3 foot swells hence we hoisted anchor and headed to Isla San Marcos. We stayed on the west side of the island in a little anchorage called Los Arcos for 3 nights then went around the corner to Sweet Pea Cove on the 9th. One of the evenings in Los Arcos we heard the distinctive whale blow and took the dinghy out to investigate. Sure enough there were 2 sets of 3 whales which we originally thought were Fin but upon closer inspection of our whale book and pictures we have determined they were Bryde’s. We have been doing a lot of snorkeling and shelling at this location as both are good. There are lots of underwater rocks and sea life and the water temp is great in the low 80s. The weather has still been hot and humid but it does give us the opportunity to lose more weight. Yesterday, Cindy caught a Dorado – the third time we caught one but the first one that we brought in the boat. We filleted it and barbequed it last night for dinner – very good. Yesterday we had some high winds blowing through at anchorage at a steady 24-28 knots for 5 hours with gusts as high as 36. The wind waves were 2-3 feet and we were undulating a lot. You would think with those high winds we would have got some cooling but it was a warm wind and it did not dissipate the humidity. It finally settled down about 4 and started up again about 6 not settling for another 3 hours. Today we decided to cross the channel to Santa Rosalia to go into the marina fully recharge the batteries, wash down the boat, find and repair the tiny leak(s) on the underside of the dinghy, and other projects before re-provisioning and heading back out for more adventure.

Love to all

Gary & Cindy

p.s. we just got back from walking into Santa Rosalia where we had a bacon wrapped hot dog and Thrifty ice cream – we were in heaven….

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