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Sturgis harley-Davidson

Downtown Sturgis

Roadkill Cafe

Loud American Roadhouse

DC Booth National Fish Hatchery

Trout Ponds

Whopper Trout


Fish Car

Inside Fish Car

Today, we did the tour of the Northern Black Hills - Sturgis, Spearfish, and Deadwood. Sturgis is the site of the huge motorcycle rally for the uninitiated. This year’s rally is the 69th since 1937, only missed ’44 and ’45 because of WWII. We’ll just miss it as it will take place July 31-August 7. I’m just as glad because there will be about 400,000-500,000 people descending on this town that has a population of a couple of thousand. Businesses in town make or break their year with the rally. There’s not much to see in Sturgis when the rally’s not happening. We skipped the Roadkill Cafe and ate lunch at the Loud American Roadhouse. Pretty good sirloin steak tips.

Spearfish was a pleasant surprise. We stopped at the D.C. Booth National Fish Hatchery. It’s located a cool wooded valley along a clear, cool creek that supplies water to the Hatchery. The hatchery is owned by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and operated by SD Fish & Game Department. They raise trout to stock locally, but it’s also a national museum for USFW hatcheries and home of the American Fisheries Society Fish Culture Hall of Fame. There’s a hall of fame for everything. Sue had fun feeding the trout.

We got to Deadwood early in the evening. You won’t be seeing many picture of the town because the battery went dead in my camera and I forgot to charge the space. For those of you the watch the HBO show, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed. The place is wall to wall casinos and some of the smallest ones I’ve ever seen. Some of the slot machine parlors were no bigger than Pietro’s or Capriotti’s. I think you could fit the entire town in the Borgata and Trump Marina in AC.

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